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Updates – API enhancements

API background blog

Inclusion of partial (hourly) and full-day requests in the return data, in the method returning absence information

We are continually working on enhancing data exchange capabilities via the API method. Currently, we are developing a better, improved version that you can find in the API documentation as “V3”. API “V2” is the current default version, but the new, extended methods can already be found in the available “V3” version in the documentation.

Using the filter located at the top right corner, you can easily switch from the default API version to the new functions that appear in version “V3”.


In the latest version (API “V3”), we added an enhancement that allows you to update leave request data, including employee absence hours.

This function is located in the Employee section under /api/v3/Employee/Absences.


In this version, the retrieved data will also include information on the specific hours the employee will be absent on a given day.


This feature helps in better planning and organizing work within the team and the entire company.

Ability to export a selected type of leave request

In the API “V2” version, we added another enhancement requested by our clients – the ability to export a specific type of leave request.

After selecting the API “V2” version on the page, go to the Request section and select the second tab /api/v2/Request – Get requests list.


Then go to filter.typeId and use the filtering options to select the type of request you are interested in.

This feature streamlines the recording and processing of leave requests across the entire organization. Depending on the size of the company, it speeds up the work of managers, the HR department, and the executive team.

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