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Working time registration using QR codes

You don’t need expensive readers and complicated solutions to implement a real-time registration system. Turn any smartphone or tablet into an RCP device using QR codes.

In three steps you will launch our latest feature available in the Work time module.

1. Download the HRnest QR Terminal application to the selected smartphone or tablet.

Android version.
iOS verion.

2. Log in and select the operating mode of the device.

3. Generate and distribute individual QR codes to employees.

We are introducing an application that scans employees’ QR codes to the current work time registration functions in HRnest, i.e. the Start / Stop system, and work on schedules.

To operate the reader, you need an account with the Work time module enabled.

Application for registration of working time using QR codes

HRnest QR Terminal is a very simple solution. Entering and exiting the workplace shall be reflected by the employee using their own individual QR code utilizing the attached phone or tablet. Once done the data are sent to the Work time module. The application also supports registering potential breaks and allows taking photos for verification purposes.

QR codes

QR codes are individually generated for each employee and are available in their profiles. We can also print them out or send them electronically to employees via mail.

Technical Requirements of the Device

The application is designed for mobile devices running:

a. Android version 6.1.2 and later,
b. IOS version 13 and later.

The application can only be downloaded via Google Play for Android and App Store for IOS.

We recommend a minimum resolution of 2MPX of the front camera of the mobile device.

Preparation of the device

The preparation of the phone or tablet itself is also simple. Before we start, we create a new account for the device from the HR Department account – note: a new account must be created for each device.

Then you need to install the application on your Android / iOS device and log in to the created account. There are 3 operating modes to choose from.

Operating modes

Working in the Start mode – the device records the time of starting work.

Working in Stop Mode – the device records the time of work completion.

Working in Mixed mode – the user selects on the screen whether to record the start or end of work.

We click the ‘Start’ button and the application starts working. Employees scan their codes and register their working time – we can see everything in the panel where we can generate the necessary reports.

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