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Student Depot Sp. z o.o. is the leading and largest network of high-standard private student dormitories in Poland. These dormitories are open to all students, regardless of their nationality, university, or age. 

The organization is continuously growing, with its 9 current dormitories situated in seven university cities in Poland: Łódź, Poznań, Lublin, Wrocław, Warszawa, Gdańsk, and Kraków. Additionally, two new dormitories are planned for construction in the coming years in Poznań and Gdańsk.

How did the company manage before?

Student Depot recognizes the need for ongoing improvement and development in its operations, aiming to professionalize HR processes.

Sylwia Rogalska, Sales and Marketing Director, oversees the system within the company and had been diligently searching for a solution to automate HR management tasks. Previously, the organization relied heavily on Excel, which was time-consuming. This required continuous collaboration with external HR teams and complicated internal communication among employees.

Excel was too inefficient for our needs. Now, we have consistent access to all information. HRnest is designed so clearly and intuitively that it was easy to use from day one.

Case Study Sylwia Rogalska

Sylwia Rogalska

Sales and Marketing Director

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Implemented solutions

Simple and intuitive system for HR processes

Student Depot outsources its hard HR processes to an external HR firm. Therefore, the organization needed a system that would be clear and user-friendly for both employees and external partners. In HRnest all information is available from a single panel, making it easy to submit leave requests, track work hours, and export ready-made reports.

With HRnest we are assured that the data is accurate and correctly exported from the system. It requires no additional actions from me because the external HR team has direct access to the tool.

Before implementing HRnest, Student Depot relied on manually completed Excel sheets. This was not only time-consuming but also required many people to obtain the necessary information. Now, Ms. Sylwia can access the data with just a few clicks. She no longer has to sift through complicated spreadsheets, as the system is clearly organized and user-friendly.

Thanks to HRnest I no longer have to deal with confusing spreadsheets. Just a few quick clicks and I have all the data I need at any given moment.

Oversight of absences and remote work

Student Depot is an organization that needed a tool to monitor the current situation in the company. In HRnest employees can submit a request in just 3 clicks and send it directly to the approver. To access all employees' leave information, you can use the leave planning calendar, which includes both approved requests and planned leaves, enabling effective work planning for the entire organization.

HRnest assists us in organizing leave and absence management. The calendar allows us to see when employees plan to be absent, facilitating proper work planning within our units. All of this can be managed from a single panel.

HRnest also simplifies the registration and recording of working hours in enterprises. In Student Depot the ability to register remote work is especially useful, particularly for companies with operations in multiple cities. In HRnest, you can also specify the exact address of the workplace.

We are spread across Poland, and some of us occasionally work remotely. Therefore, we sought a solution that would enable simple and transparent time tracking – both for employees at the headquarters and those working remotely. With HRnest we stay up to date with everything.

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Better internal organizational communication

Companies managing the activities of multiple entities prioritize fast and seamless internal communication. This was the case for Student Depot as well. With HRnest, the organization no longer has to worry about sharing information among employees. Everyone has access to a panel where they can see who is available and when.

Using HRnest our employees are much more satisfied. There are no unnecessary questions because everyone knows how to efficiently and quickly find the necessary information in the system.

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Simplified cooperation with external HR teams

When collaborating with an external HR office, Student Depot often required direct contact to get basic information. Now, everything is managed through HRnest. Ms. Sylwia no longer needs to consult HR for every minor detail. Both she and the external HR team have access to the system, allowing them to independently obtain the needed data.

I no longer have to email the HR office to inquire about an employee's leave balance. HRnest speeds up my tasks and saves time for both sides. I also don't need to send reports to the external HR team since they can access the system and find the information themselves. 


Student Depot is an organization focused on growth. Consequently, it looked for a solution that would allow it to organize HR processes easily and intuitively. By implementing HRnest, which took only 2 weeks from decision to deployment, the company: 

  • simplifies leave management 
  • gains control over time tracking, including remote work 
  • uses a single source for all information 
  • easily outsources tasks to an external HR firm 
  • has access to all necessary information, updated in real-time 
  • implemented a user-friendly system accessible from anywhere 
  • eliminates communication chaos 
  • minimized unnecessary questions about leave balances 
  • replaced unreadable Excel sheets 
Sylwia Rogalska
Sales and Marketing Director
Student Depot Sp. z o.o.

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