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XTrack Sp. z o.o. is a company that focuses on managing and monitoring vehicles and machinery. With around 30 years of active participation in the IT sector, they have consistently grown and developed.

The organization provides clients with a comprehensive system that includes software with full technical support, as well as physical hardware and installation services.

How did the company manage before?

XTrack Sp. z o.o. is an organization that recognizes the critical need for order and harmony in HR processes, particularly during the company's expansion and the growing employee count.

Martyna Nadratowska, the Head of Shared Services, oversees the activities that support all internal departments. She aimed to standardize the company's HR processes. Previously, each department chose its own tools to meet their needs. Leave requests were managed using Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and emails sent to designated individuals. This diversified approach was highly inefficient and caused numerous issues, especially errors in work time summaries.

Our HR process management methods were entirely ineffective and problematic. Employees were frustrated by the time required to verify information. I spent countless hours preparing the necessary reports and summaries. Now, with all the data centralized in HRnest, we save about 30 hours per month.

Case Study HRnest x XTrack - Martyna Nadratowska

Martyna Nadratowska

Head of Shared Services

Implemented solutions

Enhancing efficiency

The HR team working with company XTrack emphasized the need to standardize HR processes within the organization. The company required a tool that could effectively manage leave requests, work time tracking, business trips, and employee records. During their search for the right system, they were recommended to try HRnest.

We had specific requirements when looking for a system. During the tool's presentation, we asked detailed questions about leave requests, business trip settlement, and resources tracking. Ms. Marta answered all our questions comprehensively.

Managing and gathering information from each department caused many complications. In HRnest, everything is located in one place. Employees don't get lost in countless files and don't spend much time on tasks. Just a few clicks are enough to register work hours or submit a leave request.

The time savings are significant. Previously, I had to spend about two days a month just on time tracking. Now, it takes me half a day. That's a 75% reduction in time spent.

Greater control

The HRnest system provides access to real-time information. Supervisors and employees can view who is on leave and when, the status of their leave balances, and who is working remotely. Employees can easily log their working hours and assign them to specific projects, noting the time spent on each task. This feature is especially valuable for company XTrack, which manages EU-funded projects.

Given our involvement in several EU projects, precise time tracking is crucial. With HRnest, employees can instantly record the hours spent on a project and specify the date. This simplifies our process significantly, as we can then export an Excel or PDF file and have the entire report ready.

HRnest also facilitates resource management within the company. It helps maintain order and meet various standards, including ISO. Preparing an inventory of company assets assigned to employees is very simple. After updating the actual resource status, generating a report takes just one click.

We currently have several standards implemented, including ISO, so we need appropriate employee resource reports. Relying on surveys or multiple Excel files was very cumbersome. With HRnest, everything is accessible from a single panel.

Managing communication chaos

The fragmentation of HR processes often led to errors or omissions in the current information. HR calculations didn't align with the data in Excel sheets. Employees lacked the time and inclination to verify all the information entered. This led to communication issues and some frustration among the staff.

Implementing the HRnest system helped us eliminate the communication chaos caused by the lack of standardized HR processes across departments.

Team communication is also facilitated by the ability to enable notifications within the system. Reminders for health and safety training or expiring medical examinations ensure that no important deadlines are missed. Employees receive advance notice when it’s time to renew these documents.

Now, notifications are sent directly to employees via email instead of being posted on a general channel. This ensures that everyone receives the messages and has the chance to review them.

Simple business trip settlement

XTrack has employees who frequently go on business trips, making the accounting of these trips a regular task for the Shared Services department. With HRnest, both the employer and employees have continuous access to all the necessary information. This clarity reduces the need for many questions, as the reconciliation is clearly presented in the tool.

The business trip features in HRnest exceeded our expectations. The automatic linking of the Travel Authorization Form with reconciliation and real-time information access is a significant enhancement for all employees.

Issuing a large number of business trips monthly through the online system also saves resources. XTrack saves at least 40 sheets of paper monthly on leave and business trip requests alone. This number increases when additional documents, such as summaries or time tracking records, are included.

In total, handling documentation for business trips and leave requests would result in printing about 40 sheets per month. Including other processes, this number would be much higher. We save resources and achieve better organization of paperwork.

Everything in one place

XTrack consolidated information previously scattered across various files and locations into our system, improving internal communication and facilitating information management.

The entire system implementation and employee training took about 3 days. Employees were pleased to have everything consolidated in one place.

WIth HRnest everyone can access their working hours, leave limits, and necessary documents. These don't get lost in Excel sheets or emails, reducing the number of questions and unnecessary misunderstandings between departments.

Constant inquiries about leave, limits, or working hours extended our work. Now, with HRnest, everyone has access to all the information they need, allowing us to focus on other tasks.


Like many organizations, XTrack relied on unclear files and Excel spreadsheets shared between departments, which caused data chaos and internal communication problems. By implementing HRnest, which took just 2 days, the company: 

  • saves 30 hours of work each month 
  • spends 75% less time preparing end-of-month reports 
  • uses a single source of information 
  • reduces paper usage by at least 40 sheets per month (considering only leave requests and business trips) 
  • has real-time access to all necessary information 
  • eliminates employee frustration and communication issues 
  • no longer deals with unclear Excel sheets 
Martyna Nadratowska
Head of Shared Services
XTrack Sp. z o.o.

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