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Since 2017, ZEME has been modernizing waste management by offering waste collection services, extensive consulting, and digital tools.

The solutions provided by ZEME are designed specifically for retail chains, logistics hubs, industrial sectors, and manufacturers of flexible packaging.

How did the company manage before?

ZEME is keenly aware of the necessity to keep internal processes organized and ensure the reliability of shared information. This becomes even more significant as the company experiences rapid growth.

Anna Łowińska, the Administration Manager, is in charge of all administrative functions at the company, from typical office duties such as space management, document handling, equipment, and fleet management to liaising with the Legal Office. She has recently started overseeing external staff and has identified the need for procedural updates in this area.

Previously, employees would send leave requests by email, which complicated the compilation of summaries. ZEME also relied on spreadsheets for logging work hours, vacation days, and desk reservations, but found this method to be inefficient.

The increasing number of employees in the company made us realize that the system we were using needed improvement. The tool we had lacked the essential features, and its updates and enhancements were overly time-consuming. In HRnest all features are readily accessible with just a few clicks.

Case Study HRnest - ZEME - Anna Łowińska

Anna Łowińska

Administration Manager

Implemented solutions

Organizing processes

The process of submitting leave requests at company ZEME involved multiple disciplined steps: emailing the supervisor for approval, relaying details to the HR department, and recording the leave in the company calendar. With HRnest, this entire process is simplified to a few quick clicks. This approach not only saves time for employees but also reduces the likelihood of human errors and standardizes the naming of requests.

Using the system, we know exactly what type of application an employee has submitted. We can easily distinguish whether it is for a day off for a holiday or, for example, childcare.

The turn of the year brought the organization cooperation with an external company that handles HR and accounting. It turned out that inconsistent records were causing problems with information transfer between companies. ZEME needed a comprehensive tool that would provide them with instant access to specific data, such as the remaining vacation days from the previous year.

In HRnest we immediately see the exact number of vacation days used and remaining. This allows us to better control the data and ensure proper communication with the external HR office.

Integrations with external systems

Previously, ZEME’s employees were hesitant to use new tools and applications that demanded too many steps. They disliked having to update calendars, spreadsheets, and separately email their supervisors to request vacations. However, with the integration of HRnest with external systems, all procedures have been shortened and simplified.

Since HRnest was implemented, I don't need to stress compiling reports and summaries for the HR department anymore. The HR manager has ongoing access to the system and can oversee the company's status whenever necessary.

The integration with external systems enabled ZEME’s employees to synchronize the company calendar with the HRnest calendar. As a result, all information about leave requests and working hours is pulled into the general calendar directly from the system. This not only makes things easier for employees but also saves their time.

Employees are particularly satisfied with the feature that integrates the HRnest vacation calendar with the company’s calendar of absences. Over time, we started calling the system 'Ernest,' effectively making it another member of our team.

Support during onboarding

Transferring data and onboarding employees in the HRnest system varies depending on the company's size and the chosen features. Nonetheless, it is a simple and quick process. For ZEME, the whole procedure was executed swiftly and completed in under 4 hours.

The implementation process was very fast. Once we opted for HRnest, I soon informed the employees that they would be receiving invitations. Setting up the necessary data tables and then sending out mass emails with system passwords took no longer than 4 hours.

Beyond the support offered by the Customer Success Department, HRnest provides additional onboarding assistance. Our clients can benefit from the HRnest Academy courses that take them through the system step-by-step. We also make available a Help section that answers commonly asked questions and provide In-tool Tutorials. After registering and logging into the system, each page displays helpful tips on how to use HRnest.

I greatly appreciate the support offered by HRnest. I have constant access to Help, and the In-tool Tutorials precisely guided me through all the stages of learning the tool. The Customer Success Department is also always ready to dispel my doubts. This extensive support gives me peace of mind and has saved me considerable time.

Everything in one place

In the HRnest system, all crucial information is accessible from a single dashboard. Users can conveniently check the usage of vacation days, the status of submitted applications, or the recorded work time. 

Managers have real-time access to a list of employees currently at work and details about those working remotely. All information is stored following the highest security standards, preventing unauthorized individuals from making changes. 

I have constant access to all data regarding the vacations and working hours of employees. HRnest provides these updates in real-time and in a very clear manner, which is a significant improvement over previous methods we've used.

An especially beneficial feature for many supervisors is the Reports function. Within the HRnest, users can easily filter necessary data with just a few clicks and then export the full report to Excel or as a PDF file.

With the growing number of people on the team, the summaries created for entire departments are very useful. They enable managers to effectively oversee their teams' work.


Thanks to the implementation of HRnest, which was completed in under 4 hours, the company has: 

  • eliminated the time spent on preparing and submitting reports to HR  
  • gained consistency and reliability in data entry 
  • reduced the incidence of human errors and miscommunications 
  • access to any information in less than a minute 
  • improved communication through constant data access and easy information management 
  • moved away from troublesome tools and chaotic request formats 
  • increased its sense of security and data safety 
  • implemented a user-friendly system that can be accessed from any location 
Anna Łowińska
Administration Manager
ZEME Sp. z o.o.

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