Different types of days off and forms of contracts 

If you manage different types of contracts in your organization then you have found the right tool to handle them. You can also set vacation limits for employees, departments, or the entire organization and give them different types of leaves.

Types of days off

All types of contracts

Our system is tailored to different types of employment – B2B, civil law contracts, as well as employment contracts. With each employee you add, you can enter their data and set options that will affect their functioning and restrictions on leave or working time. 

All kinds of holiday requests

HRnest supports all types of vacation requests. In the system, you will find ready-made sheets for the most frequently used requests, such as: 

From HR, you can also add the ability to use less common requests, such as for volunteer work, birthdays, or a day off due to menstruation.

You can also create your own type of request. At this point, our clients are already using more than 180 different types of absence requests! 

Likewise, when it comes to payroll data, home office issues, sick leave, maternity leave, and study leave, all this is taken care of for us by the HRnest software. The HR manager no longer asks us how many vacation days the employee has used, nor do we ask how many vacation days are left to go, because everything is made available in the system.

Beata Gawron Marketing & Office Manager JSP

Beata Gawron

Marketing & Office Manager, JSP Legal

All types of days off requests

Nasz system jest przygotowany, by usprawniać Twoją pracę i dbać o jej zgodność z prawem. Polskie prawo określa, które dokumenty powinny być także złożone w formie papierowej. Przy wystawianiu takiego wniosku, system sam powiadomi Cię, że należy go złożyć także w takiej wersji.  

Efficient workflow for the entire company

Proper record-keeping also means simple and controlled document circulation. Set your path for its approval, and thanks to the history given in the system, take care of its correct course. Thanks to HRnest, with a couple of clicks you will also transfer bulk-issued requests to Excel sheets or PDF versions.

Control and transparency of data for every business

In the system, you can set up controlled access to data – for an employee, department, or manager. Controlling the flow of the request is the basis for a sense of equality and security among employees. Build trust and create an engaged work environment so you can focus on business development.

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