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Business trip


A business trip is an official journey undertaken by an employee outside their regular place of work, carried out at the instruction or knowledge of the employer, to perform tasks related to the company’s ongoing operations. Such trips can involve attending conferences, training sessions, meetings with clients, inspections, or other activities on behalf of the employer. Often, they require the employee to stay overnight away from their place of residence.

Business trips can be domestic or international. Depending on this, they differ in terms of formal requirements, ways of settlement, or the necessity of having specific documents, such as visas. The employer is responsible for providing the employee with the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the trip, as well as covering costs related to travel, accommodation, and meals.

Organizing a business trip often requires advanced planning, taking into account both the company’s needs and the comfort of the employee. The employer should also ensure that the employee is adequately prepared in terms of knowledge and has the necessary tools for work.


Can an employee refuse to go on a business trip?

Yes, though it depends on the specific employment contract and circumstances. The employer should consider the personal situation of the employee and any reasons for refusal.

Expenses are accounted for based on invoices, receipts, and other documents that confirm expenditures, and the employee is reimbursed according to the company’s prevailing rules.

Yes, an employee can extend their trip, but they bear any additional costs themselves, and this matter should be agreed upon with the employer beforehand.


Establishing new business contacts

During trips, employees participate in industry meetings and conferences.

Implementation of specific projects

Employees visit clients or suppliers to discuss details of collaboration.

Training and courses

Business trips allow participation in courses that enhance competencies.

Inspections and audits

Specialists visit company branches or business partners to conduct audits.

Market reconnaissance

Trips allow for direct familiarization with market conditions and customer needs.

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HR glossary / B / Business trip

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