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Coaching is a supportive process that assists individuals or groups in achieving specific goals by developing skills, increasing awareness, and tapping into and utilizing one’s full potential. It is based on a mentor-mentee relationship, where the coach (mentor) uses a set of techniques and tools to help the student (or students) identify and overcome barriers and move toward their aspirations.

Coaching can be applied in various contexts – from professional development, and improving interpersonal skills, to achieving life balance. The coaching process is often goal-oriented, meaning it focuses on specific outcomes and can be short-term or long-term. An important element is the active engagement of the participant, who is responsible for executing actions derived from coaching sessions.

The benefits of coaching are extensive and apply to both individuals and organizations. Individually, coaching can lead to better self-understanding, increased self-confidence, and skill development. For organizations, coaching serves as a tool to enhance work efficiency, improve team communication, and contribute to the realization of the company’s strategic objectives.

HRnest, as an online HR system, facilitates effective coaching by offering tools that support the development of employee skills and competencies.


How does coaching differ from training?

Training focuses on imparting knowledge and skills, while coaching centers on individual development and assists participants in independently finding answers.

While theoretically anyone can call themselves a coach, professional coaches often undergo specialized training and certifications to validate their skills.

The frequency of sessions depends on the client’s individual needs and coaching objectives and can vary for different people.


Career development

Assisting employees in planning and achieving professional goals.

Team effectiveness enhancement

Support in building strong, cohesive teams.

Leadership development

Supporting leaders in honing their leadership skills.

Change management

Helping employees adapt to new situations or changing conditions.

Communication improvement

Aiding individuals in developing effective communication skills.

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HR glossary / C / Coaching

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