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Development Centre


Development Centre is a specialized program primarily aimed at identifying and enhancing the skills and competencies of employees within an organization. It provides an environment where participants undergo various tasks, simulations, or exercises designed to assess and develop specific skills.

Unlike the Assessment Centre, which emphasizes the evaluation of an employee’s competencies, the Development Centre primarily focuses on their growth. This means that during sessions at the Development Centre, participants receive feedback about their strengths and areas of improvement, and then they are directed to suitable training programs or workshops.

Employers often use Development Centres to foster a learning and development culture within the organization. This aids in identifying talent, nurturing leaders, and promoting continuous employee improvement.


How does a development centre differ from an assessment centre?

While both development centres and assessment centres use similar tools and exercises, their objectives differ significantly. A development centre focuses on identifying areas for personal growth and professional development, with no direct implications for job selection. In contrast, an assessment centre is often used as a part of the recruitment process to evaluate candidates’ suitability for specific roles.

Development centres typically include a mix of individual and group activities designed to simulate job-related tasks that reflect real-life challenges. Common activities include role-playing, strategic decision-making exercises, presentations, in-basket exercises, and personality assessments, all intended to highlight various skills and competencies.

Employees at all levels can benefit from the personalized feedback and development planning provided at a development centre. However, they are particularly valuable for individuals being considered for promotion or those identified as part of a succession planning process. They are also beneficial for employees seeking personal growth within their current roles.


Leadership Training

Facilitates the identification and development of future leaders within the organization.

Skill Enhancement

Pinpoints specific skills that need improvement and helps in planning targeted training programs.

Employee Retention

Boosts employee morale and retention by investing in their professional growth and showing a commitment to their career development.

Succession Planning

Integrates with succession planning to prepare employees for future roles, enhancing the organization's resilience and continuity.

Performance Improvement

Provides employees with clear feedback on their performance and practical steps for enhancement, leading to overall organizational efficiency.

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HR glossary / D / Development Centre

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