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Electronic personnel file


An electronic personnel file is a digital system for collecting, storing, and managing employee information, replacing traditional paper methods. It allows for quick access to employee data, employment history, contracts, training, or evaluations. Due to its electronic format, the file is more accessible, up-to-date, and user-friendly.

Modern electronic personnel files are often integrated with other HR systems, such as payroll systems or time management systems. They also offer advanced features, such as data analysis, report generation, or automatic reminders about important deadlines. They enhance the efficiency of the HR department and ensure compliance with personal data protection regulations.

Implementing an electronic personnel file brings numerous benefits to an organization. It streamlines HR processes, reduces the risk of errors, increases data security, and facilitates better human resource management. Additionally, thanks to the digital archive, organizations can be confident that their documentation is comprehensive and updated.

HRnest simplifies management of electronic personnel files by providing secure online storage, easy access, and efficient organization of all employee documents in one centralized system.


Is an electronic personnel file GDPR compliant?

Yes, but it must meet GDPR requirements concerning personal data protection. Ensuring adequate protective measures and data access is crucial.

This depends on legal regulations and the company’s internal policies. In some cases, a digital copy might replace the paper version.

These costs vary based on the system’s complexity, the number of users, and specific company requirements.


New employee registration

Quick input of data and documentation for a new employee.

Deadline monitoring

Automatic reminders for important dates, such as probation periods or certificate expirations.

Report generation

Creating reports on employment, wages, or training.

Documentation archiving

Secure storage of employee documents in digital form.

Integration with other systems

Connection with payroll systems, timekeeping records, or training systems.

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HR glossary / E / Electronic personnel file

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