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Employer branding


Employer branding is the process of shaping and promoting a company’s image as an attractive employer in the eyes of both current and potential employees. It focuses on how the company is perceived in the job market and what sets it apart from other employers.

In the era of social media and transparency, employers are under constant scrutiny. That’s why a properly constructed employer image can attract talent that fits the company’s culture and values, while also encouraging current employees to remain with the organization for longer.

Activities related to employer branding include internal and external communication, marketing initiatives, recruitment strategies, and employee loyalty programs, all aimed at building a positive employer brand image.


What are the benefits of investing in employer branding?

Investing in employer branding can result in lower recruitment costs, increased employee engagement, and better talent retention.

Employer branding focuses on promoting the company as a workplace, while corporate branding concentrates on the overall brand image in the market.

The key elements of a strong employer brand include a clear and appealing employee value proposition (EVP), consistent communication of the company’s culture and values, strategic alignment between HR policies and business objectives, and genuine employee testimonials that showcase the company’s environment and employee satisfaction.


Recruitment marketing

Enhances the company’s appeal to potential job seekers through targeted marketing strategies.

Employee engagement

Boosts morale and productivity by aligning the company’s culture with employees' daily experiences.

Reputation management

Shapes public perception, making the company more attractive to potential clients and partners as well as prospective employees.

Competitive advantage

Differentiates the company in the job market, attracting top talent over competitors.

Talent retention

Encourages high retention rates by fostering a supportive and aligned workplace environment.

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HR glossary / E / Employer branding

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