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On-demand vacation


An on-demand vacation is a specific form of recreational leave that allows an employee to take unplanned time off from work. This type of leave can be utilized for various reasons, such as sudden family events or other unforeseen circumstances. It is granted upon the written request of the employee and typically does not require prior notification to the employer about the intent to take it.

The advantage of on-demand vacation is its flexibility and the ability to immediately take time off when needed. Employees are entitled to a certain number of on-demand vacation days per year, with the exact number of days specified in labor law regulations and internal company policies.

While on-demand vacation provides employees with the assurance of quick access to free time in urgent situations, it can pose a challenge for employers in terms of human resource planning. Therefore, many companies implement certain restrictions on using this type of leave, such as a maximum number of days that can be taken consecutively.

HRnest facilitates on-demand vacation management through electronic leave requests and readily available staff absence reports, enhancing the efficiency of leave application and recording processes for HR teams.


Does every employee have the right to on-demand vacation?

Yes, however, the number of on-demand vacation days and specific rules for granting them can vary depending on the company and applicable regulations.

In some situations, yes, especially when an employee’s presence is crucial for significant business reasons.

The primary difference is the lack of a need for prior planning and notification for on-demand vacations.


Unexpected family events

Allows an employee to take time off in the case of unforeseen family incidents.

Unanticipated circumstances

Gives employees flexibility in situations that require immediate time off.

Improving work-life balance

Provides employees with added flexibility in managing their time.

Increasing employee satisfaction

A flexible approach to vacations can enhance morale and employee satisfaction.

Support for employees in challenging situations

Enables employees to quickly access free time when they need it the most.

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HR glossary / O / On-demand vacation

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