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Settling business trips


Settling business trips involves a process of accurately determining and reimbursing costs incurred by an employee in connection with a business trip. This operates based on proof-of-purchase documents, such as invoices or receipts, by the company’s internal regulations and prevailing legal regulations.

In the business trip settlement process, it’s crucial to strictly adhere to established rules and deadlines to avoid misunderstandings and potential abuses. Modern organizations increasingly use electronic settlement systems that automate and streamline this process. With these systems, it’s easy to track, verify, and approve reimbursement requests and archive all documents.

Properly settling business trips is crucial for both employers and employees. For employers, it guarantees control over expenses and legal compliance. For employees, it ensures reimbursement of incurred costs and clarity regarding responsibilities.


Is an employee required to keep all receipts during a business trip?

Yes, an employee should retain all documents verifying expenses for later reimbursement.

This depends on the company’s internal policies, but it’s typically a few days to a few weeks after the trip concludes.

This depends on the company’s policy; some companies might accept a declaration from the employee, but it’s always better to have proof of expenses.


Reimbursement for transportation costs

Compensation for expenses related to business travel.

Reimbursement for accommodation costs

Compensation for hotel or other lodging expenses.

Reimbursement for meal expenses

Daily compensation for meals based on established daily rates.

Reimbursement for other expenses

Such as parking fees or public transportation tickets.

Business trip expense control

Monitoring and analyzing costs associated with business trips.

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HR glossary / S / Settling business trips

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