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Soft skills


Soft skills refer to a set of interpersonal abilities, personality traits, and attitudes that determine an individual’s effectiveness in interacting with other people and coping with diverse situations. In contrast to hard skills, which are easily measurable and often pertain to specific technical abilities, soft skills are more abstract and subjective.

Modern job markets are increasingly valuing the importance of soft skills. Communication ability, empathy, teamwork capacity, time management, and problem-solving are often identified as crucial for many positions, regardless of the industry. They are seen as the foundation upon which more specialized skills are built.

The development of soft skills is vital not only in a professional context but also in personal life. They enable a better understanding of oneself and others, conflict resolution, and the establishment of lasting and fulfilling relationships. In an era of globalization and constant change, soft skills become the key to success in many areas of life.


What are examples of soft skills?

Examples of soft skills include communication ability, teamwork, creativity, problem-solving capability, and emotional intelligence.

Soft skills enable effective communication, relationship-building, and adaptation to changes, which are key in many work environments.

Yes, although some of them might be more intuitive, most soft skills can be developed through training, practice, and reflection.


Team collaboration

Facilitates smoother interactions and cooperation within teams.

Customer service

Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty through better service.

Leadership development

Equips potential leaders with essential skills like empathy and decision-making.

Conflict resolution

Enables employees to resolve disputes effectively and maintain workplace harmony.

Change management

Assists in managing transitions and adapting to new processes or strategies within the company.

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HR glossary / S / Soft skills

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