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Vacation tracking


Vacation tracking refers to the systematic recording and monitoring of days off work that an employee is entitled to within a calendar year. This record-keeping is essential to ensure that the employee avails of their designated leave, be it parental leave, annual vacation, or other special leave types, by prevailing labor laws.

Accurate vacation tracking is crucial for various reasons. Firstly, it allows for planning employee absences in a way that minimizes disruptions to the company’s operations. Secondly, it protects employee rights, ensuring they receive their allotted time off. Thirdly, it serves as a tool for monitoring compliance with legal regulations and avoiding potential penalties.

Thanks to modern technology, many companies are replacing traditional paper-based methods of vacation tracking with electronic systems. These systems enable the automation of many processes, such as submitting vacation requests, and their approval, and monitoring available vacation days.

HRnest enhances vacation tracking by providing a leave management system that allows online leave applications, a clear vacation calendar accessible to employees, efficient recording and reporting of leave data.


Does every company need to keep vacation records?

Yes, every employer is obliged to keep vacation records for their employees following the Labor Code.

Unused annual leave carries over to the next calendar year, but there are certain limitations regarding its usage.

No, records can be kept either in paper or electronic form. However, the electronic form is generally more efficient and accurate.


Human resource planning

Allows for efficient management of resources during peak vacation times.

Ensuring legal compliance

Ensures that the company adheres to regulations concerning vacations.

Monitoring available vacation days

Helps employees track the number of vacation days they still have left.

Automation of HR processes

Streamlines the process of applying for and approving vacations.

Reporting and analysis

Generates reports concerning vacation utilization within the organization.

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HR glossary / V / Vacation tracking

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