Plan PTOs and create a time-off calendar using the vacation tracker app

Is the vacation process at work causing issues? Are employees unhappy with leave approval delays and lost requests?

HRnest is a user-friendly employee calendar & and vacation tracker app for managing employee leave.

Digital leave requests provide a convenient way for employees, managers, and HR departments to track and manage various types of leave such as PTO, sick leave, or maternity leave.  It keeps track of employees’ vacation days and helps automate the creation of vacation calendars company-wide.

Vacation tracker

Track vacation requests and absences effectively

Using our vacation tracker, you can track and manage employee vacations, absences, and leave requests. Thanks to the employee calendar, the HR team can easily monitor the leave balance of each employee. Our leave tracking system simplifies the challenging process of leave management a lot.

It enhances transparency, as employees have access to the system with an online calendar, where they can easily submit leave requests and view their remaining vacation days. Submitting a leave request is a quick and effortless process – It is three clicks away from an employee’s account after logging in! Once submitted, employees will be automatically informed of updates regarding the request’s status. Using our software, you alleviate misunderstandings, ensure fair distribution of leaves, and aid in maintaining a balanced workload.

PTO calendar and tracker that fits perfectly for SME

Paid Time Off (PTO) is an essential part of an employee’s leave package. Therefore, incorporating a PTO calendar & tracker app into the organization becomes vital for everyone, who manages HR processes, especially in SMEs.

A PTO tracker allows HR teams and employees to track leave, including vacation, sick days, personal days, and many other different leave types of paid time off – our database has 170 types of leaves! Also, the PTO tracker keeps employees informed about their PTO accruals, promoting transparency and reducing queries to the HR department.

Moreover, HRnest handles your vacation schedules for you! When an employee submits a holiday request, it is automatically marked and added to the company calendar, without requiring any of your time or attention. Automating leave records will free up your employees’ time to focus on their main tasks within your company.

The HRnest system has been successful in previewing vacation plans for all employees in our company. This has helped individual departments to manage time off more efficiently by determining who takes leave when. With greater control over vacation plans, we can avoid situations where employees have numerous days of unused vacation.

Joanna Gładkowska

Administration Finance Specialist, ExpertSender

Customize the calendar and leave tracker to your needs

The ability to customize HRnest to your organization’s leave policies is a major benefit. For example, if your company allows 30 vacation days per employee, the tracker can be customized to this setting.

Similarly, if you want to track leave requests or upcoming leaves for a specific department or the entire team, it’s just a matter of adjusting the tracker’s settings. As a system administrator, you have complete authority over the approval process for leave requests, e.g. the system has the ability to set the maximum number of concurrent absentees from a specific department.

This feature ensures that the rule is never broken without the need for manual intervention. It is up to you to determine the appropriate procedures for accepting leave requests within your organization. A calendar with a leave tracker is extremely useful! 

Easy-to-use interface as an essence

The user-friendliness of HRnest is critical to its adoption within the organization. An easy-to-use dashboard ensures that all employees, irrespective of their technical proficiency, can effectively utilize the tracker, e.g. by accessing the leave calendar online through their accounts.

HRnest not only ensures that the vacation and leave requests are accurately logged, but also reduces the burden on HR as fewer employees will require assistance with the tool – it will significantly alleviate the workload in the workspace.

Transparent request archive and quick report generating

Generating time savings and shortening the duration of HR processes is the essence of our system. To ensure the smooth functioning of HR departments, we have created a transparent interface for viewing issued employee requests and archived requests. The ability to filter data significantly affects the transparency of working with requests.

Our software gives you the ability to create a report based on the database located in the system and transfer selected data to HR and payroll programs with ease by downloading it as PDF files or Excel tables!

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