Swiftly create reports on employee vacation calendar

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating reports in Excel, manually inputting data, and verifying formula accuracy. With HRnest, relevant data is automatically compiled into concise statements, including absence requests and holiday limits usage.

Staff absence reports

Simple absence entry

Every employee absence is automatically added to the system, subtracted from the holiday limit, and also included in ready-made reports.

It only takes a moment to fill out the form as the first name and surname are already filled in automatically. The employee simply needs to specify the type of absence and the date range.

The given data is securely stored and processed in accordance with GDPR principles.

The statement is created based on the entered data and is ready to download at any time from any device with an internet connection.

Holiday time left

On the main screen of the HRnest dashboard, every employee has constant access to information on how many holiday days are left to be used.

The HR and payroll staff can access employee limits through their administration account. To view this information, it’s recommended to check the Monthly Holiday Usage report. It shows:

You can filter the report by:

Transfer the data to your HR and Payroll software in the Export to K-P tab.

Thanks to our compatible systems, we import holidays from HRnest into our HR operational system. This solution greatly facilitates our work, as we do not have to fill out documents ourselves.

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Anna Szwagrzyk-Jakacka

HR and Payroll Specialist, Morele.NET

Overview of vacation requests history in the holiday calendar

With HRnest, you don’t have to strain your memory or look at holiday photos’ dates –  the system itself registers the entire absence history of an employee.

Use the Holiday Limit Breakdown report and find out how the holiday limit was used by a particular employee. Submitted holiday requests will be presented in chronological order.

Each request is linked so that you can view it from the list, showing the date of issue, type of request, length of absence, and the remaining limit.

A quick check-up on employees' absence limit usage

The Summary of Issued Requests report shows the value of the limit (if added) and used days for different types of requests – also those added individually by the company.

You can filter the report by:

History of changing request statuses

All information about the request flow can be found in the Changes in Request Statuses report:

This report presents the history of requests issued in HRnest for a selected period.

You can filter the data according to:

Review the duration of your employee's requests

If your company has specific leave policies, you have the ability to check them in the Requests by Duration report section.

Thanks to the Requests by Duration report, you don’t have to wonder if employees have taken or planned holidays of the appropriate length this year. If you conduct more extensive employee absence statistics, you can filter absences by any number of days.

Keep in mind that a healthy work-life balance implemented in your company has a positive impact on the dedication and engagement of your employees

You can filter the report by:

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