Workflow of leave requests

Do you believe that the process of submitting leave documents in your company could be better? Are your employees frustrated with the long wait times for vacation approval? Do leave requests often get lost in a stack of other paperwork?

HRnest is an intuitive leave management system that will streamline HR processes in your company.

Simplify HR processes by implementing digital leave requests online, which will help improve team management and reduce any potential mess.

Workflow of leave requests

Customize HRnest to your company

In HRnest, you have access to 180 leave requests. You can plan a rest leave, unpaid leave, or maternity leave from the first day of use. The system will also generate a clear vacation calendar for the entire company automatically.

HRnest adapts to the structure of your organization and the way you operate. Set up your own workflow of leave requests – provide the opportunity to create a request within 3 clicks and choose what will be the path of its acceptance.

There are four different paths for document acceptance available to you. This allows you to have complete control over the flow of leave documents within your company and saves time in making decisions on submitted leave requests.

The process for submitting documents has been simplified to just one element – logging into the platform, confirming that the request has been approved by the supervisor, and receiving confirmation that our personnel has received it.

Beata Gawron Marketing & Office Manager JSP

Beata Gawron

Marketing & Office Manager, JSP Legal

Leave requests accepted in a few clicks

The circulation of the leave request has been reduced to a minimum! The absence requests issued go straight to the approval of the supervisor.

With HRnest, those responsible for accepting requests can set their own work rhythm – dedicating it to accepting requests at any time that suits them.

Requests can also be processed from any device – the mobile version of HRnest has full functionality. All you need is a device with internet access!

Email notifications improves the information flow

Digital leave requests benefit not only employees but also their superiors and the HR or personnel department.

HRnest ensures that everyone involved in the leave request process is kept up to date with automatic email notifications regarding changes in the status of the request.

This facilitates communication between different parties in the company and eliminates the burden of information flow management from the HR department.

Any sudden employee absences, medical leaves, or special leaves are promptly added to the system, and HRnest automatically sends notifications to those responsible for approving them.

Additionally, each notification contains a link to the request under consideration, enabling quick access to its details.

Smooth workflow of leave requests

When using HRnest to apply for leave, employees can save time, paper, and stress. Instead of having to speak to their superior in person and go through the process manually. HRnest creates leave settlements and calculates the remaining number of free days automatically.

Each employee has their own account on HRnest, which allows them to keep track of the progress of their leave requests.

By using HRnest, issuing, accepting, and archiving documents can be done online, reducing the time and effort required from each employee involved in the process. This extra time can be used to complete other important tasks within the company.

Overall, HRnest provides a convenient and efficient way to handle all matters related to digital leave requests.

Improving the overall planning of the company's workload

Don’t let employees’ days off overlap and negatively impact workflow. In both manufacturing and office environments, including those with remote work, the flow of information and timely task completion influence employee satisfaction and the company’s reputation.

To prevent communication problems within the team, it’s helpful to have a transparent work schedule. This can be achieved through digital leave requests and a clear record of them.

Using digital leave requests allows for greater flexibility in scheduling individual employees and departments. Improved communication between employees and superiors also reduces the risk of decreased team efficiency during busy holiday periods.

Document workflow under full control

In HRnest, you have the ability to track the progress of an employee’s request and see which stage of acceptance it is in. The requests’ status changes report provides details on who needs to accept the request and the date of the last change.

If an employee reports that their request has not been considered, you can easily locate where the request is held up and remind the responsible person to review it.

Our system improves the work of the personnel department by allowing for quick report generation and data transfer to payroll programs. This saves time and effort for all involved.

Try HRnest to gain control and simplify HR processes at every stage.

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