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We are a close-knit team based in the Pomeranian region of Poland, dedicated to helping companies adopt a new standard in HR practices.

Our story

Hi, this is the company founder, Marek.

A long time ago, during a meeting with friends, I had a thought about how nice it would be to have the next day off. Unfortunately, the whole process of getting up, calling and getting permission seemed unnecessarily complicated.

We can handle so many things with just a few clicks on our phones, like grocery shopping or renting equipment… what if we used this method to request and approve vacations? Simplifying HR processes became my motivation.

Marek Jereczek
Chief Executive Officer, HRnest

The most important events in HRnest

Now | HRnest system

We are a constantly evolving SaaS (Software as a Service) company. We not only ensure that our system complies with the latest legal regulations and the highest security standards, but also, by fostering strong customer relationships, we actively learn about the needs and expectations of our clients and proactively address them.

Why small and large companies trust us

Over 100,000 employees actively use our system every day. We believe that every organization deserves a modern solution that prevents errors and drowning in paperwork.

1000 +

Satisfied customers

150 000 +

Settled business trips

3 000 000 +

Issued requests

Discover the stories of our customers and find out how HRnest can help your company grow!

Values at HRnest

We would like you to not only get to know our values but also understand how they translate into our actions and relationships. For us, these are not just empty words but a daily commitment to open collaboration and new ideas.

Curiosity, equality, and openness

Every quarter, we gather for our company integration. We create a survey full of creative ideas, and while maintaining equality and transparency, we choose how to spend time together.

We enjoy playing bowling, building Lego, or even cooking together. Our passion for food doesn’t stop at chopping and frying, of course! We often meet for mass tastings at nearby venues (and pubs 😉).

We are nature lovers, so we take advantage of the beautiful areas of the Tricity. We plant trees together, have fun by the bonfire, and, in keeping with tradition, sail together once a year!

Activity, sports, and health

However, office work doesn’t mean a sedentary lifestyle for us!

We really enjoy staying active and support each other in our sports passions.

HRnest supports Grzegorz’s grassroots project, where he and his close friends run the Szybcior sports club.

We also have enthusiasts of windsurfing, ballroom dancing, fitness, soccer, strength training, and many other activities among us!

Cultivating company traditions

However, our energy and activity don’t allow us to stay in one place.

We love exploring new cultures and visiting interesting places, whether they’re 100 or 10,000 kilometers away from the Tricity!

We maintain a company collection of postcards – after returning from a trip, we add another postcard to our collection. We also share our experiences and unforgettable impressions while enjoying local delicacies from our travels.

These are our little company traditions that allow us to make moments at work more enjoyable and become a group of friends united by common professional goals.

Together, we will achieve more

If you want to have an impact on the development and future of the HRnest system, join our team!

Our work culture

Healthy work-life balance

Despite our love for long journeys, we always strive to find time for those closest to us. Thanks to flexible working hours, remote work options, and hassle-free leave requests, we can focus on our families and friends.

We mainly work in the cloud and also use our own application. This means that without leaving home, we can handle all our business matters.

We put our hearts into the development of our system, so we understand how important rest is to ensure it operates healthily, efficiently, and always at its best.

A pleasant office atmosphere

In the PPNT building, we also have a conference room where we gather together. Besides employee discussions, we also meet there for activities like assembling LEGO, movie nights, or board game evenings.

Moreover, we enjoy spending time in the kitchen, where our coffee connoisseurs treat us to new Arabica flavors from around the world.

In addition to snacks brought back from our travels, we indulge in birthday cakes and collectively ordered fast food.

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