Personal File - HR document
management software for SME

Manage HR files and online employee requests. Get notified when there’s time to renew or update important documents.

Improve onboarding by providing a new staff member with access to employee documents online.

Staff notifications and reminders

Keep an eye on when contracts, medical tests, and safety training courses expire

Have you ever forgotten a critical deadline concerning an employee? Don’t let it happen again. 

Specify which employees the documents concern and mark in the system calendar when they end or expire.

Set up automatic notifications about the end of contracts, exams, or training, as well as individual document reminders.  

Any change in status in the system will quickly be notified to the people concerned by e-mail. 

With more control over the process, you can also freely filter searched documents by type, employee data, or department name.

Accelerate the workflow of HR requests

Give employees the ability to submit requests to HR through an online and direct system. Specify what types of requests employees can submit.

Just a few clicks are all it takes to submit a request from an employee and have it processed by the HR department. Every employee can check the status of the issued request in the user panel.

Employee requests online
HR workflow

Put your company's records in an online system

Improve document management and store documents related to your whole team in one place with our technology. 

Guidelines, procedures, and plans – available to all employees, always.

Share private documents, i.e., contracts or licenses with specific employees using a secure method, allowing both parties to always access important data.

Automate onboarding

Ensure a smooth process for onboarding new team members with a document acknowledgment feature. This allows automating a significant part of the onboarding process, minimizing the need to handle paper documentation.

When we add a new employee to HRnest, they automatically receive documents assigned to their department. After reviewing them, the employee confirms this through their own employee panel.

HRnest allows for the quick introduction of new employees into the key aspects of your company’s functioning, regulations, rules, and other important documents.

Automated onboarding process
Company resource management

Improve document management in your company

Gather information about your company’s available resources and your employees’ competencies in one place.

Create lists of tools, computer equipment, work clothes, or access to computer applications that have been assigned to individual employees.

Assign tasks to employees based on lists of their competencies: knowledge of foreign languages, computer skills, specific programs, courses, and trainings completed, driver’s licenses, or professional certificates.

HRnest is a win-win...-win


For Employees

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For HR & Payroll


For Companies

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HRnest is a full package for your business’ HR

Customer support team

We provide all clients with full technical support and our consultants will help you at every stage of your work with the tool.

All forms of employment

Contracts of employment, civil law contracts, B2B agreements – whichever you apply, HRnest has got you covered.

Six language versions

Working in an international environment? Use a fully functional English, Spanish, French, German, Russian or Polish version of our platform, available for all account types.

Hassle-free data export

Export data to Excel, CSV, PDF files, i-Cal and then to the HR and payroll programs with a few clicks.

Corporate-class security

Your data is safe. We use the best servers available – Microsoft® Azure® – compliant with industry standards, including GDPR.

Your entire company’s work made easy

HRnest facilitates the work of HR, managers and employees, saving time and ensuring better planning and transparency of processes.

Easier workflow with integrations​

Import data from HRnest to the Payroll software you use with just a few clicks. Add your time off to Outlook and Gmail calendar. Get notified on Slack when there’s a new request pending. Or integrate HRnest with currently used systems with API.

Mobile version of the HRnest application

Log in wherever you are

You don’t need to install anything. All you need is a browser and internet access on your phone to get the most out of HRnest.

HR Document Management Software - answers to common questions

HR Document Management Software is the digital system designed to organize, store, and manage various human resources documents e.g. employee records, contracts, policies, and training materials. It improves the efficiency and management of HR-related documents by providing a centralized repository that allows authorized teams to access, edit, and share them, thereby enhancing compliance with legal requirements.

Yes, it is possible for HR Document Management Software to offer integration with other HR tools like payroll systems, applicant tracking systems, or performance management software. This also allows for seamless information flow between different HR functions, reducing manual entry and leveraging the efficiency of integrated services.

Security is a dedicated priority in HR Document Management Software. Most solutions come with robust measures like encryption, role-based access controls, and regular security audits that support data protection. These measures help you ensure that the document containing sensitive information of employees is protected from unauthorized access, modification, or deletion.

Absolutely! HR Document Management Software comes in various forms and sizes, catering to businesses of all scales. The use of this software can improve the efficiency and benefits small businesses by allowing remote management of HR documents. It streamlines the process, saving time and helping the company to focus on other important aspects.

HR Document Management Software helps organizations adhere to legal standards by providing features like automated retention schedules, audit trails, and customizable templates aligned with specific legal requirements. This not only ensures that the management of documents is according to relevant laws but also allows consultants to simplify the response to audits or inspections effectively. The implementation also supports innovations in reporting and engagement with your technical teams.

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