Microsoft Outlook

Connect the HRnest calendar with the Outlook calendar

Microsoft Outlook
Integrations / Microsoft Outlook

What is the Outlook calendar?

It is a tool from Microsoft that primarily serves as an email service, calendar, but also a task management system.

It helps in time organization, improving communication, and dividing tasks. Outlook is available as an application and a website.

Microsoft Outlook

Do you want to connect your account with the Outlook calendar?

Benefits of integration

Thanks to the capability of data export via iCalendar, you can exchange any information from the system calendar with the Outlook calendar.

After adding the calendar from HRnest, it will appear in the tool as a separate tab.

The integration allows for transferring all leave plans and requests. Selected options will be automatically adapted to the Outlook format.

Integration process

Transferring data is simple and intuitive. From the HRnest system, under the Integrations tab, copy the calendar’s URL.

Then, in Outlook calendar, disable the enhancement of the shared calendar and restart the application to update the selection.

The last step is pasting the copied URL into the Outlook calendar.

All data will be transferred and added to the calendar.

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Integrations / Microsoft Outlook

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