Ikona mobile

HRnest system on your smartphone

Select your browser and add a shortcut to the HRnest system on your phone.


Open the Chrome browser

The Chrome application icon may be on the desktop or in the list of installed applications.

Launching the Chrome browser
Entering the address and expanding the menu


Now perform two actions

1) Enter www.hrnest.io in the address bar.
2) After loading the page, click the drop-down menu icon.


Click on the ‘Log In’ button

After taking the action, you will be redirected to the login page.

Go to the login page
Expand the Chrome browser menu

Step 4

Expand the Chrome browser menu

Clicking on the icon will display the available settings for the Chrome browser.


Click the shortcut button

Select ‘Add to Home screen’ from the menu.

Adding a shortcut to Chrome
Enter the name of the shortcut

Step 6

Confirm the name of the shortcut

The default name is HRnest, but you can modify it. Then click on the ‘Add’ button.


Now you can run the application

Click on the icon to start working with HRnest system.

Launch the application from a shortcut created in Chrome