1. HRnest as a tool

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system used on a subscription basis. This tool supports 3 modules and helps to streamline HR processes in companies with 5 to 1000 employees.

HRnest has 3 modules: Leaves, Work Time and Personal File. Each module contains enhancements related to the specific scope of HR activities. The Leaves module is the base module and cannot be canceled.

The trial begins with the creation of a free account. After providing some preliminary information, you can test all the features of HRnest for 14 days.

The price of the tool depends on the number of employees and the modules selected. An additional factor is the choice of subscription period—purchasing HRnest for a year results in a discount of approximately 20%.

2. Technical requirements

HRnest works on computers and mobile devices with internet access (smartphone, tablet). The tool is accessed through an installed web browser (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox or Opera).

The system connects to many payroll and HR programmes. It also integrates with calendars (such as Outlook or Gmail) and the Slack application, from which you can perform system actions directly.

Yes, HRnest provides an API that allows you to connect the system to your own applications.

Yes, the system can be accessed from any mobile device with internet access. No need to download an app! Just use the built-in web browser.

Thanks to convenient templates prepared in Excel, data transfer for SMEs takes about a day. Employees can start using HRnest as soon as they receive their login.

3. Implementation process

Yes, you can always count on us for support – you can ask questions by email, phone, chat or using the form on our website at https://hrnest.com/contact-us/.

Yes, you can. You do not need to use any real data during the trial period. If you decide to continue using the service, simply register a new account and enter the necessary billing information.

The trial period ends after 14 days. You will receive a notification to remind you that this period is coming to an end. If you do not provide billing details, your account will be deactivated.

No, in order to use the service you need to subscribe.

Yes, we have prepared clear, ready-to-use templates in the popular Excel tool. This allows the transfer of all data in SMEs to take approximately one day.

4. Purchase process

HRnest works on a subscription model. Payments can be made quarterly or annually.

Yes, you can. A downgrade in package will only be considered in the next billing period. An upgrade will be activated immediately upon payment of the difference to the higher subscription.

Yes, you can change the number of modules you use at any time. However, the Leaves module is basic and cannot be cancelled. Other modules such as Personal Files or Work Time can be added in any combination.

No, the Manager account is treated as an active employee account, while the HR department accounts are not counted in the account pool and are free.

Purchases are made quarterly or annually. If the subscription is not renewed, the contract expires.

No, the limit on employee accounts only applies to active accounts. There is no limit on the number of former employee accounts. Accounts that have been deactivated will be returned to the pool for use within the limit.

5. Employee panel

The system works in 6 languages: Polish, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and German.

HRnest is very easy to use on any device. In exceptional cases, a workstation can be set up in the company with access to a computer/smartphone, or time can be recorded via the manager’s account. Logins, passwords or QR codes can also be printed directly from the system at the touch of a button.

Yes, the system and calendar integrations are adapted to employees working in different time zones.

Yes, but it is much more limited. All actions have been simplified so that each employee can perform the necessary tasks in as few steps as possible.

6. Security

We use world-class servers – Microsoft® Azure® – that comply with global and industry standards, including GDPR. We also use encryption, backups and have a Data Protection Officer. To find out more, visit our security page.

Yes, the system automatically generates reports with all the necessary data. HRnest also tells you which documents need to be produced in paper form for compliance purposes.

Data is deleted from our system to ensure that your confidential information remains secure after you have stopped using the service.

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