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Manage employee PTOs, time tracking, and documentation from anywhere. Choose HR software that’s right for your business.

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Simplify absence management in your company with online leave requests and a comprehensive leave planner.

Adopt a tailored system for recording working time, designed to fit your company’s unique needs, providing a convenient and transparent approach.

Take control of your company’s documentation and establish a structured system for managing employee information. Sp. z o.o.
HRnest is a user-friendly and highly valuable program for managing employee leaves in a medium-sized company. It offers numerous features that allow supervisors to monitor absences, including approving each request and having insight into leave planning and remaining yearly limits. These functions greatly ease the HR department's tasks and save a significant amount of time. The HRnest team is always ready to provide assistance, support, and implement new functionalities. I highly recommend it!
Justyna Snoch
HR Specialist
inFakt Sp. z o.o.
We are highly satisfied with the implementation of the HRnest online leave management system in our company. The application significantly simplifies our work, it's user-friendly and straightforward. Utilizing the platform has considerably reduced document circulation time, resulting in swift and efficient processing of leave requests, while leave-related information is promptly accessible to all concerned parties. The program effectively enables leave management. Furthermore, the quick support from the provider is an additional advantage in case of any questions or issues.
Katarzyna Jedynak
Head of Accounting
Aiton Caldwell SA
The HRnest program is a very well-organized platform. It's intuitive and contains comprehensive information about both submitted and approved vacation requests. Using the system saves us time and operates smoothly at every level, from employees submitting requests to the HR department. The interface is clear, the system efficient, and highly recommended. The program has improved our work with reporting requests and generating summaries. Furthermore, it allows us to maintain consistent control over the requests.
Daria Czech
Administration Specialist
J.S. Hamilton Poland S.A.
The HRnest application has been very well received by both employees and management. The system is simple and transparent, providing real-time visibility into leave, which is a significant improvement for all parties involved. Implementing the application has optimized the HR department's work in terms of reports, summaries, and, most importantly, reduced bureaucracy, which is invaluable for companies with multiple branches. I highly recommend this solution to other companies open to new approaches, seeking a good, efficient, and flexible leave management system.
Anna Blicharska-Sowa
Head of HR and Payroll Department

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Level up your HR management

As your company grows, managing HR can become a complex challenge. Are you grappling with incoherent tools, paper documents, or inefficient systems? HRnest is here to simplify your HR processes by integrating and automating them, bringing everything under control in one modern platform.

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Switch to a digital HR solution

Still dependent on time-consuming and error-prone manual processing of documents and data? HRnest helps you go paperless, eliminating the need for traditional document workflows and Excel sheets. With our online HR software, you gain efficiency and accuracy through the automated handling of leave requests, time records, and more, all while enhancing transparency and data access.

Comprehensive HR software

Why scatter your HR processes across various cumbersome systems when you can manage everything from a single panel with HRnest? Manage leave, working time, and other processes seamlessly. Achieve better control, simplify your work, and save valuable time by sharing information effortlessly within your company.

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Make HR tasks a breeze with HRnest

HR management doesn’t have to be complicated. With HRnest, tasks like timekeeping, leave management, and document transfer become intuitive and fast. Find everything you need in one place, including easily accessible tools and personalized access tailored to different company roles. Plus, enjoy features like automation, integration with other systems, and clear reports. With HRnest, you can shift your focus to your company’s strategy and growth, leaving the paperwork behind.

Key features checklist

We constantly improve HRnest to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.

Data security. SSL, the Microsoft Azure platform

GDPR compliance

Fully responsive and available on every device

Six language versions: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish

Mobile version of the HRnest application

Log in wherever you are

You don’t need to install anything. All you need is a browser and internet access on your phone to get the most out of HRnest.

Easier workflow with integrations

Import data from HRnest to the Payroll software you use with just a few clicks. Add your time off to Outlook and Gmail calendar. Get notified on Slack when there’s a new request pending. Or integrate HRnest with currently used systems with API.

HR software FAQ - Quick answers to your HR system queries

HR software is a comprehensive human resource management software designed to automate and manage core HR data functions like absences, onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, applicant tracking system time scheduling, and more. It’s one of the best HR solutions that can especially benefit small businesses by saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing employee engagement. HR tool is a great management solution for all kinds of organizations.

Most HR software, including cloud-based SaaS HR systems, are built with robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive employee data. They comply with legal and regulatory standards like GDPR, using data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

Many HR software solutions, including cloud-based HR systems, allow users to access HR functions on the go through a dedicated HR platform. This flexibility, enabled by software that works across devices, can be particularly beneficial for small businesses, enabling them to manage absences, time tracking, and employee engagement from anywhere. The mobile-friendly nature ensures that HR professionals can remain responsive and efficient, even when away from the office.

The HR software is designed to streamline HR processes, including leave management and time & attendance tracking. Through an intuitive interface, the software provides various methods to handle these functions, and software allows you to streamline these processes to suit your business needs. This not only promotes a flexible HR environment but also helps in complying with legal requirements and providing insights into workforce productivity.

Support and training can vary between different HR software providers. Typically, providers offer online tutorials, live chat support, user manuals, and sometimes even a free trial to help you find the best fit. Whether you need dedicated account managers or on-site training, it’s wise to review the support and training options available for the specific HR software you choose.

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