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Integrations / iCal

What is the iCalendar (iCal) format?

iCal is a universal format that allows for the synchronization of entries from various digital calendars.

This technology enables an entry added to one calendar to be directly transferred to another with just a few clicks.

Do you want to export the HRnest calendar to another calendar?

Benefits of data export

Linking data and exchanging information between calendars facilitates the transition to another tool and their integration. This makes controlling meetings, organizing time, and tasks simpler.

It also allows for sharing calendars between individuals, which streamlines communication within the company.

Integration process

Data from the calendar to the iCal file is exported using a single button within the system.

Implementing it depends on the external tool. Customers typically use Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, or Outlook.

However, there are also other, less well-known calendars that can be integrated.

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Integrations / iCal

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