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Introduce a convenient time registration system for your company. Create work schedules for your entire team and have a real-time view of employee attendance. Choose an online timekeeping system to suit any work mode, including remote work.

Calculate and account for overtime, track project time, and generate necessary reports.

Time tracking software

Easily monitor time and attendance

Choose from 5 methods of time recording. Tailor the tool to the way your company operates, and set up different methods for different teams or employees.  

Decide how to record working time using different methods: 

  • the Start/Stop system (clock in, clock out),
  • digital attendance list,
  • automatic time recording,
  • QR code time recorder with the dedicated app,
  • manual work time registration (also by supervisors and the HR department)

HRnest supports basic, equivalent, and task-based working time systems and calculates the number of hours worked by itself.  

The access control system allows you to block the possibility of recording working time retroactively, which will encourage employees to complete the attendance list punctually and systematically.

Record work time via QR codes

Turn any Internet-enabled device into a convenient and reliable time recorder.

HRnest QR Terminal is a mobile time tracking app for your tablet or smartphone.

Give QR codes to employees – print or share them to record start and end times.   

You can verify the accuracy of the records with photos taken at the time of recording.

Time tracker
Work schedule

Effortless shift planning with the top software

Take care of work fluidity, and in a few moments, prepare appropriate work schedules for selected teams or individual employees in your company.  

Stay informed about the execution of work schedules and overtime occurring. HRnest will calculate it for you, so you can make sure there will be no overtime left unnoticed.

Easily create comprehensive reports of recorded shifts, execution of assumed schedules, and summaries of paid overtime.

Control the number of overtime hours in your company

Do you care about transparent time recording? HRnest’s time and attendance software allows you to automate the control of employee working time and simplifies the flow of information between employees and the HR department.

HRnest automatically calculates the balance of hours worked, and if overtime occurs, it allows you to pay it to the employee or collect days off for them.

Time schedules give you an overview of overtime earned, so when you approve an employee’s vacation requests, you can deduct their time off just from overtime.

Overtime tracking
Project work time

Assign work time to projects

With HRnest, you can assign projects to whole teams or individual employees.

Your employees can divide their work time and assign it to projects. It allows you to monitor your team’s effectiveness by checking the amount of time allocated to each project.

Project time management in HRnest lets you plan tasks based on data. It simplifies invoicing your customers too!

Create and export essential reports with just a few clicks

Conveniently view working time data and generate reports on the execution of set schedules with a single click.

The employee time and attendance software continuously synchronizes attendance data, so you always have an up-to-date picture.

You can seamlessly export full and simplified time records to Excel or PDF. 

Automatic worktime reports

HRnest is a win-win...-win


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HRnest is a full package for your business’ HR

Customer support team

We provide all clients with full technical support and our consultants will help you at every stage of your work with the tool.

All forms of employment

Contracts of employment, civil law contracts, B2B agreements – whichever you apply, HRnest has got you covered.

Six language versions

Working in an international environment? Use a fully functional English, Spanish, French, German, Russian or Polish version of our platform, available for all account types.

Hassle-free data export

Export data to Excel, CSV, PDF files, i-Cal and then to the HR and payroll programs with a few clicks.

Corporate-class security

Your data is safe. We use the best servers available – Microsoft® Azure® – compliant with industry standards, including GDPR.

Your entire company’s work made easy

HRnest facilitates the work of HR, managers and employees, saving time and ensuring better planning and transparency of processes.

Easier workflow with integrations​

Import data from HRnest to the Payroll software you use with just a few clicks. Add your time off to Outlook and Gmail calendar. Get notified on Slack when there’s a new request pending. Or integrate HRnest with currently used systems with API.

Mobile version of the HRnest application

Log in wherever you are

You don’t need to install anything. All you need is a browser and internet access on your phone to get the most out of HRnest.

Time and attendance management - answers to common questions

Time and attendance software is a digital tool used by organizations to track and manage employees’ working hours, attendance, sick days, vacation time, and more. It typically works by allowing employees to clock in and out through various methods, such as a web portal, mobile app, or biometric device. The data is then collated and can be integrated with payroll systems to ensure accurate payments. 

Yes, top time and attendance software companies implement strong security measures, including encryption, firewalls, and regular security audits. Personal information is protected in accordance with the company’s industry standards and applicable laws, ensuring that your data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Yes, most time and attendance HR software for small businesses and medium businesses is highly customizable and can accommodate various shift patterns, work schedules, and organizational policies. Whether you have fixed shifts, rotating schedules, or flextime arrangements, the software can be tailored to meet your specific needs, offering a wide range of scheduling options.

Time and attendance tracking software typically offer integration options with various HR and payroll systems. Through APIs or predefined connectors, the software can seamlessly exchange information with other platforms, reducing manual entry and the risk of errors. It’s always best to consult the software provider to ensure compatibility with your specific systems and the services and solutions offered.

Yes, modern time and attendance software is designed to cater to both onsite and remote employees. Remote workers can often log their hours via mobile apps or web portals, and geolocation or IP restrictions can be set to ensure accuracy. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations with diverse working arrangements, including small businesses and allows the company’s workforce to be managed efficiently.

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