Divide the work into projects

Divide the work into individual tasks. Check how many employees are working on a particular project and monitor the number of hours spent on it. Stay current with the status of projects’ completion. Make it easy to hold employees accountable for specific activities.

Project time tracking

Create a project and add participants

With HRnest you have the opportunity to design your own work breakdown. Create your own project and add a description to detail the requirements or necessary elements for its implementation. All you have to do is add the department or employees who are supposed to keep track of it and you have the first step done.

Supervise the progress of activities

The system will continuously show you the status of the completion with one of 5 options:

Assign the team members for task execution

You can also pin down a specific department or user to assign them this task. Later you will also be able to see what progress they have made in the allotted time. This will help you measure employee performance and optimize work distribution.

In HRnest, I have the ability to view employees’ activity. This allows me to see when an employee did not record work time for a specific project. I can verify whether it was time spent on office work or other activities. Now we can see important data very clearly.

Specjalista HR

Zuzanna Rumińska

HR Specialist, Syderal

Check the project's progression over time

HRnest also allows you to preview the period in which the task is going on and see how many projects have been completed in a given time.

You can see in a clear chart how many employees, at what time, have completed the set goals. This approach ensures precise accountability to your employees and, most significantly, to your customers for the value added to their services.

When you select the “hide empty entries” option in “display mode”, you will only view activities that you have made progress in during the selected period.

Optimize performance and increase productivity

Now, you don’t have to rely on guesswork or estimate the time and effort needed for a task.

Instead, you can simply refer to the relevant period in the system and leverage the data collected from similar situations. This will provide you with the number of people and time required for the task, making your work more efficient and accurate.

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