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Here, you’ll expand your knowledge in HR management and discover the capabilities of HRnest. Through our courses, you’ll master a tool that will help you save valuable time and optimize HR processes – from managing absences, through time tracking, to employee matters. 

Feel free to explore the areas where we can assist you:   

Learn how HRnest can help you manage HR matters and facilitate business growth. Get to know the fictional employees with whom you’ll take your first steps in our system! 

Manage leave requests from any device. Define your own request approval workflow. Create clear leave schedules and use ready-made reports that you can download with just one click!

Choose time tracking methods tailored to your employees. Create clear schedules and use online editing. Allocate working hours to projects and download ready-made, up-to-date reports.

Review employee requests online. Streamline onboarding and corporate communication with electronic notifications and messages. Efficiently manage company resources and employee competencies.