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Air-Com Pneumatics-Automation is a leading distributor of pneumatic and automation components in Poland, offering the widest range of products totaling 700,000 items. The company has been involved in distributing high-quality power pneumatics equipment and automating production processes for businesses operating in various fields of life.


How did the company manage before?

Before the advent of HRnest, the company operated with paper applications. To submit a leave request, employees first contacted the HR department to find out how many leaves days they had. Then, after receiving the leave request, the supervisor would inform the HR department about it via email, and they would manually enter the information into the system.

Although we tried to do this on a regular basis, it became more and more problematic over time. In addition, it was very important to organize this for the sake of the employees, so that they knew how many leave days they had and didn't have to call or email each time about it. So integration was needed.


Paweł Oskroba

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Order in the company's personnel documentation is important not only for HR departments but also for employees. It gives them a sense of having HR processes under control, and supervisors respect their employees' time by not burdening them with unnecessary formalities that can easily be automated.

Implemented solutions

Fast implementation, and you're good to go

After conducting thorough research on the tools available online, it turned out that HRnest's offer was the most advantageous. The implementation itself took about a week. The HR department downloaded the file, assigned identification numbers to employees, and completed information about their entitled and used vacation days. Once the file was ready, each employee received an email with access to the panel, and we could start using the system.

Already during the implementation I was impressed by the fact that the system is practically ready - in fact, everything can be "clicked" in it by yourself.

In addition, the HRnest guides prepared for HR and employees, which the company downloaded at the beginning, were helpful in the implementation.

They turned out to be very clearly structured - the information contained in them is logical and you don't have to wonder how something works. Above all, you can see that all these years of operation HRnest has "processed" a lot of cases and the system is prepared for different situations.

SaaS that provides independence

HRnest wasn't the first corporate application to operate in the Saas model [Software as a Service]. However, it turned out to be the first one that provided such a high level of self-sufficiency in its use.

From my previous observation, it seems that with SaaS solutions, it's rare to have the ability to "click through" and implement changes independently without having to contact the provider. This is definitely an advantage of HRnest.

The HRnest system was designed with the aim of maximizing user independence. Thanks to its intuitive interface and comprehensive, continuously updated Help Section, the need for contact with support is practically minimized. However, if there is a necessity, the customer support team is available via email, phone, and chat.

Data security is a priority

Due to the nature of their work, the company wanted the tool to be cloud-based, allowing users to log in from anywhere and any device.

I'll admit, there was some concern at first about the fact that this is not our system. We were afraid that if something happened, all our data would be lost.... but we trusted and I can say with confidence - everything works smoothly.

HRnest places the highest priority on data security. All data is stored on the most secure servers - Microsoft® Azure®, compliant with global and industry standards, including GDPR. Additionally, backups of all databases are created every 24 hours, and the procedures for restoring these backups are regularly tested.

Various types of vacation requests

The company wanted the system to have all types of leave requests defined by the labor code. Now, employees have the option to choose from about 30 types of the most popular requests, including various types of leaves such as special leave, unpaid leave, maternity leave, sick leave, work from home, and training leave.

Additionally, HRnest allows companies to create their own custom types of leave requests. At the moment, customers have access to over 170 different types of leave requests, and some of them can be added independently, while more complex ones can be added with the help of a Customer Success Specialist, and the entire process takes only a few minutes.

Easy access to simple tasks

The company appreciated seemingly small improvements or functionalities that the system offers, such as the mobile version or the method of settlements.

Particularly noteworthy is the well-made mobile version, which employees are eager to use. In addition, the billing method itself - a price based on the number of employees and a subscription fee - is very convenient.

The full mobile version of the system is available to every smartphone user and doesn't require installing any application; access through a web browser is sufficient. As for payments, HRnest allows for annual or quarterly payments. The final price depends on the number of selected modules and the number of employees.

Automatic solutions

Over the course of 3 years since the system was implemented, Air-Com transformed from a company using paper-based leave requests, where employees had to contact the HR department to determine their available days off, into a fully automated HR organization.

Now, everything happens automatically. When a leave request is submitted, the supervisor receives an email notification, approves it, and the system transfers the information to the HR department. The situation is clear, and everyone involved in the process has access to the information at every stage.

And how does the team evaluate the system after such a long time of use?

In general, we highly rate the system, its quality, and usefulness. There are no complaints from employees, and as a manager, I see significant advantages in this solution. To sum up, HRnest is the perfect tool for our scale.

Paweł Oskroba
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
AIR-COM Pneumatyka Automatyka

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