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The agency Space of Ad has been on the market for over three years, delivering campaigns for both Polish and international clients. The company is experiencing dynamic growth, acquiring clients from Germany, Spain, Portugal, and recently, Brazil and the United States. Space of Ad brings together specialists from various fields, providing comprehensive customer service from strategy and creative development to idea execution, including in-house video production in their studio.

How did the company manage before?

Space of Ad is a company that fully understands the importance of efficient management and security for its proper development. Therefore, finding the right HR process management tool was crucial.

Aldona Muszyńska, the HR Manager at the company, sought a way to optimize document workflow and the leave request approval process. Before the company started expanding, leave requests were sent via email. Employees sent their requests to the HR department and their supervisors. The supervisor would then respond via email to both the employee and the HR department. The HR team collected all leave-related information in an Excel spreadsheet.

During that time, the company was experiencing a period of rapid growth and development. Inputting, transcribing, and searching for relevant data in Excel was time-consuming. In such a crucial moment for the company, like creating an HR policy, I had many other tasks to focus on and was looking for solutions to optimize HR processes.

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Aldona Muszyńska

HR manager

Implemented solutions

Simple solutions also mean quick implementation

So, they decided to find a solution that would not only provide organization but also data security.

We chose HRnest because the system is user-friendly and ensures data security. We wanted a straightforward tool without unnecessary complexity. A program that would meet our expectations in terms of achieving set goals, simplifying processes, and being easily accessible to everyone.

The clear interface and fast implementation of HRnest made it easy for Space of Ad to make the decision. The HR department could start using the system and organizing leave matters from day one, thanks to the large number of leave requests automatically added to the system. As HR Manager, Aldona appreciates the ability to access information about employee absences in one place, visible to the entire team.

Leave data accessible in 3 clicks

From the beginning, Space of Ad has been using the Leave Management module to efficiently manage employee absences. HRnest supports the team at every stage - from submitting electronic leave requests, through clear vacation planning in calendars, to generating reports and verifying data.

Now, with just 3 clicks, I can generate a report on employees' used leaves and send reminders to supervisors about pending leaves that need to be taken soon. Another advantage of the system is that it automatically converts everything into hours. Previously, I had to do this manually. The time saved can now be used for more important professional matters.

HRnest offers various types of reports, including breakdowns of leave limits and monthly or yearly leave utilization. You can easily filter requests and access the document history. With our solution, you can automate the process and save time. Say goodbye to tedious data entry in Excel and find time to focus on advancing other HR activities.

Change document workflow effortlessly

Thanks to the easy configuration options of the tool, we were able to adjust the document flow according to specific team needs at any given time. This flexibility allowed us to choose the most suitable workflow for each team, streamlining the process effectively.

From the beginning, we have been using document workflow configuration. Before implementing the current system, we used a two-step approval process, but currently, it is not necessary. We tailored the program to our needs, and after approval from the supervisor, the request immediately reaches the HR department.

Another advantage is the sense of peace of mind, as all employees are assured that their document has been received and they have direct visibility into the verification stage it is in.

Having employees in multiple locations, the application process takes just a few minutes and is completely remote. I can't imagine handling paper applications in today's world.

Constant access to information

The company has employees living in various parts of Poland. Due to a significant portion of remote work, many tasks are completed through remote collaboration. Multiple employees work together on specific projects. The clear interface with access to real-time data simplifies the flow of information among employees.

In HRnest, everyone has access to the main dashboard, where they can quickly check who will be in the office today, who is on leave, or who is currently unavailable.

HRnest prioritizes transparency, control, and data security. We designed the interface to ensure all essential information is easily accessible. As a system administrator in your company, you can set up quick actions that will take you to the information you need with just one click.

Notifications that improve efficiency for everyone

The increased number of employees also brought more deadlines to manage. Space of Ad utilizes the Personal File module and automatic notifications to stay on top of medical check-ups and health & safety training updates. Now, each employee receives a notification with specific information about the upcoming event or requirement.

Currently, we receive timely and automatically generated notifications, allowing us to prepare for upcoming events and topics in advance.

Set reminders are directed to both the employee and their supervisor, ensuring that both are aware when the employee is out of the office, for example, for periodic medical checkups. This facilitates managing workflow and prevents misunderstandings in meeting deadlines.

Notifications remind us of approaching expiry dates, making work more efficient for both employees and managers. We have set up notifications in a way that supervisors are also informed about everything.

Huge gains from digitization

From the beginning, Space of Ad has been searching for a solution that meets their needs while being simple and modern. For Ms. Aldona, the most important aspects of using HRnest are:

  • Accuracy
  • Saved time
  • Order in documentation
  • Personal data security
  • Smooth communication and information flow

The main advantage of the HRnest system is time-saving, but also accuracy. It provides us with access to information from any internet-connected mobile device and ensures order in documentation.

The HR department dedicates a considerable amount of time to tasks related to creating, approving, and organizing documentation. By implementing HRnest, you will relieve employees from tedious and repetitive tasks.

I am an advocate of digitization and using new technologies. It simplifies daily life and enables more creative work in my professional endeavors. I have time to collaborate with the rest of the team in seeking effective and modern solutions.

Aldona Muszyńska
HR manager
Space of Ad

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