How to improve the flow of information in a company using HRnest?

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ExpertSender was founded in 2009, initially offering an email marketing platform that ensured both robust message customization and high deliverability. In 2018, in response to market demand, we have incorporated other communication channels (SMS, web, mobile) becoming a multichannel marketing platform. Our solutions allow for personalizing of each stage of the communication with clients: from acquisition, through engagement to purchase and retention.


Company’s challenges before HRnest was implemented

Our previous document circulation model was based on traditional paper forms that were filled in and signed by the employees and managers. These documents were then passed to our accountants who worked with the data in an Excel spreadsheet. The entire process was long and time-consuming, and made our accounting team overworked. As our company grew bigger and hired more employees, the documents flow was becoming less and less efficient, and the manual labor involved in handling ever growing number of paper documents – too time-consuming.

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HRnest implementation and use

We started to look for a software that would do this job for us. We were recommended HRnest at an early stage of its development, and it certainly got our attention back then. To be on the safe side we decided to try out some other solutions out there, but in the end we decided to go with HRnest. Our initial test proved that the software works great!

It took us about a month to implement it, as we needed to populate the system with data and then train our employees on using the platform. But implementation process went smoothly – HRnest is very intuitive, both our accountants and employees got used to it very quickly.

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Benefits of using HRnest

HRnest also offers the holiday preview for the entire company. Each department can decide on its own who and when is off which gave us a much better control over holiday plans execution. This has allowed us to avoid situations when an employee has 30 or 40 days of unused leave.

HRnest’s another great feature is the Business Trips module. Recently, as our business has grown globally and our employees travel more and more, they can take care of most of the paperwork related to business trips by themselves, with only a couple of clicks. It is a great time-saver.
We are also happy with the quick and professional customer service, and them being open to our feedback. We do appreciate the fact that HRnest has introduced some major improvements to the system to meet our particular needs. In fact, we can say that HRnest has been growing hand in hand with us. We truly recommend this solution to other businesses out there!

Joanna Gładkowska
Administration & Finance Specialist
ExpertSender Sp. z o.o.

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