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POLTEKNIK Ltd. Sp. z o.o. was established in 1990 and specializes in the sales and servicing of machines for plastic, thermal, and surface processing for the metal industry. The company also offers robots and technological lines equipped with various automation solutions for production processes.

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How did the company manage before?

Polteknik has been in the market for more than 30 years. During that time, the company had a traditional approach to managing personnel matters and related employee documentation. Both vacation requests and business trip accounts had their paper versions, in the form of printed blocks. These printouts were often incomprehensible to employees, resulting in decomposed documentation being completed by the person in charge of accounting. Access to information on the subject of vacation days to be taken was also problematic. Constant questions, poor information flow, errors in documentation, paperwork oversight - all of this was attempted to be brought under control by one employee.

2021 was the beginning of big changes at the company. The plan was to automate HR processes and implement an ERP system.

HR and payroll processes were the area we took on first, as there was a lot of work to be done there, but at the same time it was a fairly simple topic to streamline.

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Daria Pawlikowska

Finance Director

Implemented solutions

The system designed with employees in mind

It happens that in traditional organizations, the implementation of new processes or technologies initially meets resistance from employees, especially those who have been with the company for several decades. It's hard to blame them as they have their habits, routines, and work methodologies.

After the first presentation delivered by Ms. Marta [Customer Success Specialist at HRnest], I knew this was the system I was looking for. Intuitive, not overloaded, understandable without lengthy training and yet containing everything we needed.

The HRnest system is constantly being developed, both in terms of functionality and readability of the interface. All this is done to make it as comprehensible and at the same time as easy to use as possible. However, in case of any doubts, there are always resources available to help resolve them, such as guides for modules, an extensive help section on the website, or the support of a customer care representative.

Easy data export to HR programs

It also turned out that the accounting bureau LemonTax, with which we started working, uses HRnest to serve its clients. This was an added advantage, as we gained a platform for exchanging data with the bureau in terms of absences, working hours and so-called "pay slips."

Among HRnest's clients, there are many accounting offices that use the system for payroll management for their client companies. Thanks to HRnest, data can be easily exported to payroll software programs, eliminating the need for manual data entry and significantly reducing the risk of errors to almost zero.

No more paper documentation

The implementation itself proceeded in stages, module by module. This made it possible to systematically put things in order, and to painlessly go through the sequence of changes that awaited the company and its employees.

We started with the Leave Management module, which was the easiest to implement. Employees welcomed it with joy as we got rid of paper forms, and manual filling of leave requests became a thing of the past. We also created two types of requests in-house: to record and use overtime, and a so-called "home office" request, which employees are entitled to at a certain rate. This allows us to see in the Calendar the availability of all employees - who is on leave, who is working from home, etc.

HRnest adapts to your needs

The next step was the implementation of the Business Trips module. During the introduction of this module, the company received assistance from the support team, ensuring a smooth and seamless process. Following Polteknik's suggestion, we introduced an additional improvement by modifying the "Business Trip Cost Summary" report. In this report, the paid allowances were broken down for individual employees with a division based on the allowance rates. This functionality was implemented globally, and all HRnest users can benefit from it.

In the Business Trips module, everything works perfectly. Employees also do not report any issues. Allowances are calculated automatically, and HRnest takes care of updating the rates. The ability to create an approval system by defining the document workflow path is very useful, and HRnest is flexible - there is an option to issue business trip orders, but the system does not impose it. In our case, the Business Trip Orders feature works exceptionally well as it is used for planning the work of the Service Department. Another functionality we use is attaching scans of receipts and invoices to individual business trip settlements.

Convenient time tracking

Next, Work Time was implemented. This module is used in the company by a department that works in the project system, so it successfully uses the Projects functionality in the Work Time module.

Employees in the Work Time module record how many hours they have worked on a project. This is very convenient, because until now they have been doing this in Excel. From this module we also have information about any overtime.

In HRnest, the Work Time module does not have to be assigned to every employee. In the module's configuration, there is an option to select which employees should have access to it.

Important notifications and transparency through additional administrative account

The last module implemented in the company was the Personal File module.

Notifications are very useful in the Personal File module. The system reminds us when an employee's contract ends, medical checkups, etc., but the biggest automation associated with this module is the transfer of data directly from the LemonTax Office to the employee's Directories, as well as hashed pay slips. In the Personal File module, we also use the Resources tab. There we register the work tools assigned to the employee: company car, laptop, phone, etc.

Polteknik, like many other companies using HRnest, has provided additional administrative accounts to its accounting office. With this account, the office can log in to the system at any time and access the necessary data, relieving the HR department from managing these processes.

In the HRnest system, administrator accounts (HR Department accounts) are unlimited and do not count towards the pool of active employees. This allows the duties of the administrator to be shared among colleagues and also allows some tasks to be delegated to external partners, such as accounting offices. This saves time and significantly reduces the workload related to HR process management in the company.

HRnest comprises four modules: Leave Management, Work Time, Business Trips, and Personal File, which can be customized according to the company's needs. The available price list on the website allows instant cost calculations based on the number of registered employees.

Daria Pawlikowska
Finance Director

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