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SmartLunch is a Polish company that has been successfully helping businesses organize meals for their employees since 2014. SmartLunch was created in response to the lack of a service on the market that would facilitate meal organization at the workplace.

Thanks to the platform, employees can easily and conveniently order breakfast, lunch, or dinner from local restaurants with delivery to the office. Currently, SmartLunch is used by almost 75,000 users from nearly 500 companies throughout Poland.

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How did the company manage before?

Before HRnest was introduced in the company, there was no system in place to manage leave-related matters. When an employee wanted to take leave, they would inform their supervisor via email. Then, this information was recorded in Excel, where the available vacation days were also verified. After using the leave, the data was transferred to the payroll system for processing.

Indeed, it was no easy feat. While in a small company, it might not be a problem, in our situation, with the organization expanding and now counting over 60 people, it became quite time-consuming.


Artur Dzięgielewski

Head of HR & Accounting

The lack of a proper HR tool in a rapidly growing company can lead to many complications. Starting from document management chaos, and potential errors, and ending with personal misunderstandings. The more employees, the more evident it becomes how inefficient and time-consuming traditional HR management methods can be. It's worth seeking solutions that effectively automate daily tasks and support the company's further development.

I've come to the conclusion that we need improvement because I couldn't imagine myself or anyone else in the company having to tally everything at the end of each month.

Implemented solutions

New user perspective

Artur Dzięgielewski was familiar with HRnest from his previous organization, where he used it as an employee. Therefore, he scheduled a meeting with an HRnest representative for a system presentation. The presentation was so clear, and the reaction of the employees was so enthusiastic that the implementation happened practically immediately.

Even though I was already familiar with the system, at SmartLunch, I had the opportunity to explore it from an administrator's perspective for the first time. I can confidently say that there is nothing complicated about it, especially for those who work with other programs or, like us, have their own platform.

For small and medium-sized businesses, it only takes a day to upload the necessary data and be able to start using the system right away. This is helped by clearly laid out configuration steps visible immediately after logging in the main panel.

HRnest integrates HR processes

The company has representatives in different cities, but everyone settles their leaves with the office in Wrocław. HRnest has streamlined communication between employees, managers, and the HR department, making it easier for everyone to manage and control their vacation limits.

[HRnest] definitely helps us manage HR matters. The monthly counting of requests and updating Excel sheets is over, all these HR processes have been streamlined.

Transparent processes, where each party knows the statuses of requests, save a lot of time in exchanging information. Meanwhile, automatic generation of reports and statements allows HR staff to save time by conveniently exporting data to HR and payroll programs.

Leave Management module

Previously, Smartlunch employees had to contact someone from the HR department to find out how many remaining vacation days they had. Now, thanks to HRnest, they have quick access to this information and can monitor it in real-time. Moreover, the entire process has been significantly shortened - requests are submitted with just a few clicks.

The Leave Management module truly brought a lot of benefits to our company and significantly simplified our work, especially considering the scale of our workforce.

In HRnest, employees can submit their leave requests and check their current available days off from anywhere and at any time. After selecting the type of request and specifying the dates of absence, the created request is sent through the chosen document flow. The entire process is managed from a single dashboard, and all relevant parties are notified via email about any changes in the status of the request.

Consistent vacation planning

With more than 50 employees in the organization, scheduling vacations during peak periods became a challenge. It was crucial for supervisors to ensure that the vacation plans of key employees didn't overlap, and the employees themselves wanted to be able to coordinate their leaves with the rest of the team. HRnest helped to organize this efficiently.

Employees started using the system very quickly. HRnest launched in our company at the end of December 2019, and already in January, some employees had their vacation plans and requests filled out until mid-year.

HRnest makes it easy to create vacation plans for the entire year. Thanks to such a planner, many misunderstandings in the company can be avoided, and managers can effectively plan work in their teams.

Artur Dzięgielewski
Head of HR & Accounting

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