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"Rodowita z Roztocza" is a producer of natural mineral water. The name of the water is inspired by the wild, natural nature untouched by human hands, just like the pristine landscapes found in the region of Roztocze. Its composition includes 564 mg/l of mineral elements, including cations such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, as well as silica, and anions like fluorides, chlorides, sulfates, and bicarbonates. The company "Rodowita z Roztocza" is relatively young in the market - its first truck left the bottling plant in August 2019. In December 2022, the company received a Positive Opinion from the Mother and Child Institute regarding nutrition for children aged 3 and above, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.


How did the company manage before?

Before discovering our system, "Rodowita z Roztocza" used Excel-based forms, which led to informational issues. The lack of structure and transparency led to ineffective data flow. Another challenge was updating data in real-time or accessing historical changes. The company relies on an external accounting firm, which acts as an additional partner in document flow. The exchange of Excel sheets caused data to be scattered across multiple locations, requiring significant effort to ensure accuracy.

Tensions were forming between HR and our company. It is known that the issue of vacations is quite sensitive and everyone cares about having their days off well accounted for. We had to implement a system that would allow us to control this chaos and exchange of information.


Agnieszka Kosiorek

Chief Financial Officer

Implemented solutions

Fast onboarding

The HRnest system was recommended to them by the accounting office. This solution had already been tested and highly recommended for leave management. After the first presentation with our support team, they were convinced that the system is intuitive and easy to use. They immediately made the decision to implement it in their organization.

Our only concerns were whether it was a stable system that would ensure the continuity of the documentation we kept, and whether the communication between the HR system and HRnest would work. Our doubts were quickly dispelled and the system met our expectations.

Rodowita z Roztocza highly values the seamless data exchange between HRnest and their payroll software. Employees benefit from electronic leave requests, while the finance department, with great relief, abandoned Excel spreadsheets and transferred data to HRnest.

Mass data entry

The major benefit is the ability to input a large amount of data with minimal effort. The system utilizes pre-made templates that seamlessly transfer necessary information into our system.

With the ability to load data in bulk, we save a great deal of time. We don't waste it on manually entering data, because it is very easily pulled in, in fact, with one click.

At HRnest, we focus on comfort and simplicity. We have already introduced hundreds of companies, so we are prepared to implement new businesses quickly and conveniently. The presentation, tutorials, HRnest Academy, as well as constant contact with support ensure deep understanding of the application and safe use of the possibilities it carries from the first day of testing.

When we started working together, there was no template available to add a supervisor to an employee's account directly. We reached out to the support team, and they, along with the IT department, recognized that this would be a useful feature for many companies and introduced such a possibility. Quick and seamless communication meant that we contributed to the development of the system at the same time.

Time-saving for both the company and employees

HRnest is described primarily as user-friendly and transparent. Rodowita emphasizes that employees at all levels have no issues with using it. Throughout one and a half years of collaboration, no problems or uncertainties have arisen. As the company grew and new employees were hired, onboarding them required no special training.

That's a huge advantage of the system – it's so straightforward that we don't need to provide special training to each employee on how to use it. We simply send them an invitation, and they know exactly what to do. They can click out what they need, and I think that's the biggest plus.

This is not only a time-saver, but also a pleasant onboarding experience that doesn't put the employees through the stress of dealing with a system they don't understand. They receive an invitation via email, and the application is so clear and simple that they can start using it right away.

PTO limits under control

Keeping an eye on leave and its compliance with the law is not a simple task, and the topic gets even more difficult with more employees. Fortunately, in HRnest you can set limits, and the system itself will limit requests depending on the data you provide.

The limits for each employee are calculated in accordance with the labor law regulations. A huge advantage is that the system will not allow submitting a request if the limit has been exhausted. Employees have constant access to the application and can keep an eye on this themselves.

The absence of an employee also affects the smoothness of work and the completion of tasks necessary for the company's development. The best solution to avoid the undesirable effects of neglecting work continuity is to have clear and transparent leave schedules.

Departments with larger numbers of employees, where work is harder to organize, use schedules. Supervisors ask them to schedule and enter leaves into the system. This allows them to maintain work continuity without problems.

Automatic reports

The functionality highly valued by the company is the automatic reports. They are used not only by managers, but also by Ms. Agnieszka, holding the position of Chief Financial Officer. The reports generated in the system allow her to compare data collectively, monitor the current status of vacations, and ensure compliance with limits for all employees.

By virtue of my function, I create reports for the entire company. Throughout the year, we use these reports to ensure that employees are utilizing their vacations. At the end of the year, HRnest reports help me to set aside reserves for unused leave days. Based on this information, I make sure that everything is accurate and properly recorded. We are an audited company, and these matters are subject to scrutiny.

Ms. Agnieszka gains most of her time and peace of mind from the automatically sent cyclic reports. When she discovered this possibility in our system, she immediately decided to try it out. Now she regularly receives the data she needs without having to prepare or search for it.

Over time, I discovered the feature of sending periodic reports via email. With just a few clicks, I set up the system to receive a monthly report for the entire company, showing the status of unused vacation days. Thanks to this, I have greater control over the current situation in our company.

Simple system means easier work

"Rodowita z Roztocza" company was eager to collaborate on this article, as they found that HRnest is a tool that has become indispensable to them in controlling all leave-related activities.

At the moment, HRnest is the determinant of whether a leave has been approved or not. We have transparent, up-to-date data in one place. It is the main source of information and it is from it that data is later loaded into Optima. There is no complicated or unnecessary communication involved.

Just as water takes care of the essential functioning of the body, our system takes care of the proper functioning of HR operations. We make sure the system is transparent and accessible at every level to take HR processes to a higher standard.

The system is highly appreciated by us, and we are satisfied with its implementation. With all our heart, we recommend HRnest because it has greatly facilitated and improved our work.

Agnieszka Kosiorek
Chief Financial Officer
Rodowita z Roztocza

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