How to integrate a dispersed organization with HRnest?

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About the company

KOLEO is a Polish online platform that allows for hassle-free planning of trips by train, whether it is a business trip, daily commuting, visiting family or a weekend break. It helps in finding the information on local railway operators, their offer, timetable and ticket price. KOLEO also allows to purchase tickets online.

In two years our devoted team of engineers, mathematicians and developers has built a unique technology that allows for implementing of a common ticket for different railway operators. KOLEO can be used both via website and on mobile apps (Android and iOS).

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Company’s challenges before HRnest was implemented

Our company operates in four different locations and over half of our employees work outside of the HQ. So right from the beginning we knew that we had no option but to use an electronic system for processing internal documents. We've implemented HRnest early on, and as we launched our business around the same time HRnest did, we can say that our two companies have been growing hand in hand.

Implemented solutions

HRnest implementation and use

I found HRnest via Google. I got encouraged to try it out for free and one of the first things I noticed was the fact that the system hadn’t been built routinely but created from scratch, with a very high attention to detail. We started testing it, especially the calendar feature. We wanted to see if the working days were calculated properly as some of our employees are paid on a monthly basis, and some are paid per hour. We were very happy with the result of the tests, so we implemented HRnest straight away. Now every new employee is trained to use HRnest during the onboarding process.

Pracownicy firmy, która korzysta z programu do urlopów online

Benefits of using HRnest

As I mentioned, we're a dispersed organization. HRnest allows me to see all the holiday requests submitted by employees, as well as all the absences in the company. It is also very handy for our employees as they can submit holiday requests by themselves at any time, wherever they are.

Using HRnest has integrated our company, as every employee, no matter his or her location, is treated equally – employees in the HQ and other locations have exactly the same chance of getting a day off or holidays.

It is awesome that the HRnest Team is open to clients' suggestions and introduces changes to the system. We requested an option of exporting calendar in an ICS format, which has allowed for importing it to the regular calendars we use on desktop and mobile devices.

We also asked for an integration with Slack, our main internal messenger. We can now stay up to date with holiday requests without leaving the Slack environment which saves us a lot of time. Both HRnest and KOLEO are small companies and we both value the human factor in business and the quality of customer service – and it this particular case they are exceptional. I believe we will be using HRnest in the years to come.

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