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About the company

Your KAYA is a Polish brand of organic intimate hygiene products, also available through a subscription sales model. The Your KAYA brand was founded in 2017 in reaction to a loophole in European law that does not require manufacturers to disclose the ingredients of menstrual products. Your KAYA is also a community of like-minded individuals united by themes of sexual education and social and environmental engagement.

Digitization of HR processes is one of the leading trends in the effective management of a modern company. Not a day goes by that a question isn't asked on online groups related to running a business about recommending programs or applications that make it easier to manage vacationstrack working hours, or store company documentation.

As a young and modern company, Your KAYA relied on managing the team digitally from the beginning. This was also due to their working style - some team members work completely remotely, and some prefer the hybrid model. Environmental impact is also taken into account by the company in every aspect and area of its operations. Just as the company offers organic and fully biodegradable products with packaging, it also looks for green solutions in its business environment. Hence the decision to reduce paper documentation to the bare minimum.

Założyciele firmy, która usprawniła procesy HR
Kaja Rybicka-Gut i Marek Gut, founders Your KAYA

Before HRnest

Not until recently did the company use a dedicated tool for HR management. Vacation requests were sent via email. The situation became more complicated though when the organization began to grow rapidly.

Our team had grown so much over the past year that simply controlling leaves and the entire schedule became quite complicated.

Kaja Rybicka-Gut

Kaja Rybicka-Gut

Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer

Regaining control of the growing volume of daily HR paperwork is one of the biggest challenges for fast-growing companies. Granting vacations, timekeeping, accounting for overtime, keeping an eye on expiration dates of contracts, medical examinations, and health and safety training. And those are only the aspects required by law in Poland. HRnest allows you to handle all these processes in an integrated and transparent way, from an easy-to-use panel.

Rapid growth is one of the recurring reasons why companies opt for HRnest. The more employees there are, the greater the risk of making a mistake, whether in PTO management or time tracking. Old methods cease to function effectively, taking up more and more time and focus at the expense of business development. It's the moment to streamline operations with the help of HRnest.

Implemented solutions

Convenient time off scheduling

At Your KAYA, the biggest problem was a lack of information regarding employee absences, which was particularly troublesome for the rest of the team. Employees couldn't prepare and secure themselves properly, which resulted in project downtime as work schedules suddenly had to be rearranged. Therefore, as soon as the company set up an account in the HRnest system, it immediately handed logins to its employees.

We started using it right away. As we set up a profile, each employee could log in and put in their vacation requests, leave schedules, etc. It allowed us to organize everything and was also more transparent for everyone.

The calendar in HRnest is an essential tool for both managers and employees. For example, it allows vacation planning and control of your team's absences, by setting a maximum number of absent employees.


Important info within reach

One of the biggest complaints of managers is the permanent lack of time. HRnest has a clear and intuitive user interface, which provides the most important information immediately after logging in. There's also no need to log into the system all the time - the supervisor is notified by email about the most important events.

I like how this interface looks - that everything is clear and that I immediately have access to the information most important to me. I also get email notifications about leave requests to be approved. What's great is that I don't have to look into the system all the time. I can access important information right away.

Access for all users

Employees also appreciated the system very quickly. Immediately after logging in, they started submitting vacation requests and creating vacation schedules.

What's also nice is that every person in our organization has access to the platform: me, the HR person who manages the system, well, and our male and female employees. It's very convenient for us.

It's worth mentioning that the company at the beginning did not have a person on its team designated to manage HR. It was only over time that this position appeared. The system supported her tasks from the start. In HRnest, users can access their accounts with the appropriate permissions set. The app helps managers, HR departments and all employees.


Data security

Before implementing HRnest, Your KAYA's organizational data was stored in several places. It was cumbersome because it caused uncertainty as to whether they were safe there and whether there was a risk of losing them. Therefore, Your KAYA was relieved to move them all into one system.

We weren't reluctant to enter different data into the system, because - for us - it's just a huge convenience. We could stop worrying about having this information in many places, because - suddenly - everything is easily accessible with one click. Simplification and huge time savings, well, and inner peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

At HRnest, data security is a top priority. All our users' data is protected by the most secure servers (Microsoft® Azure®, compliant with global and industry standards), and all databases are backed up every 24 hours. Restoration procedures for these copies are also regularly tested.


Transparency is essential for Your KAYA, in both external and internal operations. HRnest has helped organize internal HR processes and made them more transparent for all team members. Those in charge of HR know where to find the employee documentation needed. The system will remind them of important deadlines and paperwork. Meanwhile, bosses have peace of mind and can focus on what is vital to their business. The benefits for employees are also noticeable:

I think there are also these advantages for the other side, i.e. for the people employed by us, who also have this feeling, like me, that everything is under control. And this is very important and gives everyone peace of mind. - emphasizes Kaja Rybicka-Gut.

Also, with employees in mind as one of the benefits available at Your KAYA, they added a new type of benefit to their account, a menstrual leave. Previously, employees communicated such information to each other through the company's messenger. However, with the growth of the workforce, there was a need for formalization. Now such a day is marked in the system, allowing all team members to stay informed about absences.

At HRnest, we found everything we wanted from the beginning. We are a company that makes sure everything is as transparent as possible. Especially within the team, when it comes to sharing all the information. So for me, it's valuable for everyone to see what's going on, what stage it's at, and to be able to use it accordingly.

Kaja Rybicka-Gut
Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer

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