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What is an API?

API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of routines, protocols, and computer solutions that allow data to be transmitted between applications.

APIs act as a mediator, enabling developers to build and exchange data between various applications we use daily.

Benefits of synchronization

By connecting both applications, managing information between them happens directly from these systems. You can implement, edit, and delete data from a single panel. 

API integration primarily allows for: 

  • Retrieving data on leave requests
  • Exporting holiday calendars via iCalendar
  • Managing work schedules
  • Retrieving recorded working time
  • Retrieving data on business trips
  • Managing employee accounts


Our clients most frequently use the addition of employees, as well as the ability to export leave requests and schedules. 

Synchronization process

We have detailed API documentation. All functions have been divided into appropriate stages and segments for easier implementation.

Upon request to the Customer Success department, the client receives a key and login necessary to use the API. The synchronization process is the responsibility of the client.

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Integrations / API

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