Automatic worktime reports - simplify the management of time and absences

HRnest system automatically gathers data on employees’ work hours, overtime, project management organization, and related settlements.

Say goodbye to manual time counting and work schedule arrangements. Inputting work hours in Excel and worrying about human errors are things of the past.

Automatically generated reports will collect all the necessary data and enhance time-tracking reporting in your company.

Employee worktime management

Primary benefits of tracking work hours: proficiently administrate your workforce

Accurately manage employee work hours and remuneration with HRnest’s easy-to-use time-tracking automation.

The Time Worked Report provides a clear overview of the company’s attendance registry. By default, it displays a monthly view, highlighting night shifts and any occurrences of overtime. It serves as an excellent tool for monthly work summaries across the entire company.

The report includes:

The report is also accessible in an annual view, presenting a table with 12 months and detailed breakdowns for each specific month.

You can filter the report by:

I really like the way the reports are generated. Basically, you don’t need to edit them, they are ready-to-use. Such solution also reduces the number of tools used.

Specjalista HR

Zuzanna Rumińska

HR specialist, Syderal

Report of time registration from the QR terminal

Change your phone or tablet into a QR code scanner and use it for time registration. The registered work hours will appear in the app under the dedicated report – QR Terminal Time Report.

This report provides a summary of the hours worked, recorded by employees using QR codes. You will also find the device identifier used by each employee for time registration.

Check the execution of schedules

Thanks to the Schedule Execution report, you can compare the planned hourly goals with their actual performance. It serves as the equivalent of the Time Attendance report for employees using the work schedule.

With the Unregistered Work Time report, you can efficiently record work hours for employees based on a pre-defined schedule for any given period.

Manage the workforce effectively with a record of paid overtime

The HR Time Tracking system offers numerous benefits. It simplifies time tracking for employees, allows real-time data access, and provides clear employee reports. Monitoring work hours and absences in the company contributes to cost management.

The Paid Hours/Overtime report helps control employee hours and payments. It displays hours marked as paid by the HR department. In HRnest, overtime can be settled in various ways.

Monitor the working time devoted to important projects

Control the time dedicated to specific projects by individual departments. Monitor employee efficiency and easily gather data on project completion deadlines.

The Project Completion Report displays projects assigned to selected employees or departments and the amount of time registered for their execution.

The report is available in both weekly and monthly views. Learn more about project monitoring in the TAS HRnest system.

The time tracking report can be filtered by:

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