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Enabling integration with Slack allows for:

Approving and rejecting all requests

Viewing absence lists

Viewing request statuses

Viewing the list of remote workers

Time tracking

Automatic notifications

Benefits of integration

Integrating HRnest with the Slack platform is not only about efficiency but also full control over personnel management processes. 

Accepting leave requests and time tracking are streamlined. Viewing the stage of the request acceptance process, as well as absentees and remote workers, is available directly from Slack. Additionally, you receive notifications about all changes directly in the messenger. 

Access to various integration features depends on the permissions granted to the employee by the HR Department. This ensures everyone has access only to what they really need and fits their role in the company. It not only facilitates work but also ensures that important processes are safe and conducted in accordance with the company structure. 

Just enter the right command and utilize the features without logging into the system!

Want to connect your account with Slack?

Activating commands

Slack is a very clear and intuitive tool. After clicking on HRnest, we find 3 tabs:


In Home, we find a description of the features available in Slack.


In Messages, we find a messenger for sending commands and receiving system messages from the HRnest bot.


In About, we find commands that activate actions also available in the HRnest system.

To activate the action on Slack, just send a message with the appropriate command. Currently, there are 3 possibilities:


List of absentees in the next 7 days


List of people working remotely in the next 7 days


Employee's time tracking

Request approval

Now, in the Slack app, you have the ability to approve and reject all types of leave requests. Additionally, you can easily track the statuses of these requests. Making the whole process more transparent.

When a request is submitted, the person responsible for its review receives a notification. On Slack, a message displays information about the submitted request and 3 actions for the supervisor to choose from:

  • Accept
  • Reject
  • Details

Action buttons allow for direct review of the request or inspection of its details. Upon decision-making, additional notifications are sent to involved people. 

Time tracking

The integration also allows for time tracking. Employees don’t even need to log into the HRnest system to fill in the necessary data. After entering the command /tracktime, you can register work time or presence.

Slack reflects the registration method set in the system. 3 registration methods that work in the Slack app are:

Start/stop system

Indicating hours

Indicating presence

Registrations differ depending on the chosen method, but each is very clear and intuitive. An additional function is the ability to enter a comment and mark the workplace.

Viewing the Next 7 Days

In the Slack messenger, you can also view the list of absentees and remote workers, which helps in task planning and team management. On Slack, by entering and sending the command /absentlist, you can view absentees, and by entering /workingremote, you can view remote workers. This corresponds to the Next 7 Days section in the system.

Being logged into the HR Department account, you can set preferences regarding the ability to view the department or other employees.

Go to Configuration, and then in the Leave tab, choose the Absentee List option.

The list appearing on Slack matches the options selected in the system.

The Calendar button at the end leads directly to the Calendar in Leaves.

Automatic notifications

Thanks to automatic notifications, you won’t miss important deadlines or changes in HR processes, making the entire personnel management process more efficient and transparent. All team members are kept up to date on significant events and recent changes.

Automatic notifications also allow for quick response to sudden modifications, affecting the flexibility and efficiency of the team. Receiving important information directly on Slack eliminates the need to constantly check emails or log into the system.

This convenience of using automatic notifications helps HR teams and employees maintain consistency and clarity in communication. Leading to more efficient personnel management and increased productivity of the entire organization.


Can you change the language on Slack?

Message content and data can be displayed in 2 languages: Polish or English. The language that is set in the HRnest system also works in the Slack app. Commands activating action on Slack work only in English. All commands can also be found in the About tab.

This feature reflects the permissions set in the system. To configure the visibility of the next 7 days for employees, you need to access the configuration from the HR Department account. In the Leave module, choose the List of Absentees and change the settings according to your own preferences.

Log into your account and go to the Configuration, which is located at the bottom, in the left menu. In the Slack Integration tab, click the Turn off button.

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