Time tracking, shift planning, and employee scheduling software

Simplify shift organization with our intuitive app for scheduling and time tracking.

HRnest is a user-friendly online HR timesheet tool that enables you to swiftly and seamlessly set up a work schedule from any internet-enabled device. Reduce manual work, gather all the necessary data in one place, and easily generate ready-to-download reports using our online timesheets.

Share the ready work schedules with your staff – all of their updates and changes will be communicated through automatic email notifications.

Employee scheduling

Create an online work schedule with employee scheduling software

Planning working time for the department and individual employees, and then making HR timesheets is not an easy task – especially when using traditional methods. The changing availability of employees, compliance with working hours, and daily needs turn into crossed-out and illegible pieces of paper.

To make this task easier for you, we have equipped HRnest with features that will make scheduling no longer a monthly struggle. By incorporating our system into your business, you can save time and reduce stress while gaining better control over the operations of your company. Our work schedule app is currently being utilized by over 500,000 employees.

In addition, you’ll enhance communication, increase data transparency, and boost the reporting process.

We are a company that cares about everything being as transparent as possible, including in the team when it comes to sharing all information, so it’s very valuable to me that everyone can see what’s happening, at what stage it is, and use it accordingly.

Kaja Rybicka-Gut

Kaja Rybicka-Gut

Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer, YourKaya

A system for the automated management of employee shift schedules

The era of spending countless hours arranging schedules in Excel is over.Planning work in HRnest is more transparent and much faster. Using ready-made schedule templates, you can plan work for the entire company, individual departments, or even single employees. Employee assigning to particular projects or jobs will be a piece of cake now!

Batch-adding hours to the schedule eliminates the need for tedious entry of each day into the schedule individually. Set the appropriate parameters and plan work with one click.

Support your team's efficiency

Thanks to this software, you can quickly check if employees are performing their tasks according to the established schedule. Automatic calculation of overtime supports you in settling the work of your crew. The system sends messages and notifications via email – for example when settled work hours in your projects for whole teams or a particular employee will be exceeded.

When the settlement period arrives, you will receive summaries and have the option to easily download clear reports

Notifications of new schedules

The online work schedule guarantees easy access from any device. This means that you can edit it from virtually anywhere with internet access.

HRnest will also inform all employees of a new work schedule via an automatic email notification. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting the information about current working hours to the entire crew – HRnest will do it for you!

Reports ready with just one click!

You no longer have to spend the whole day over a spreadsheet, creating a statement of planned working hours from the previous month. Every online work schedule is saved in the system and guarantees you direct access to it.

HRnest collects data on working time and creates detailed reports that you can download with one click! Select the range of information that interests you and export the data to a PDF or Excel file.

Access to the schedule at your fingertips

Our shift scheduling software allows you to control working time and compliance with labor law. Apply appropriate permissions for specific users and view changes in the work schedule in real-time.

Employees with an HRnest account can easily check their schedule anytime from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

With HRnest, ensuring that all employees receive information is effortless. Once the schedule is published, a simple click enables employees to access updates and view their work schedule. No need to worry about communication barriers.

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