HRnest's solution - employee time tracking software

Spreadsheets no longer work well for time recording in your business? There is a better way to do it! HRnest is a user-friendly, cloud-based employee time tracking software that eliminates the errors associated with paper timesheets.

Employee time tracking

Time tracking software tailored to your company

HRnest will match the rhythm in which your company works. Choose from 5 registration methods:

In HRnest, any employee or department can record working time using various time registration methods.

The application also supports the 3 most popular working time systems:

Simplified working time control

Provide your employees with a convenient and intuitive tool for recording their work time. In HRnest, employees can record working time from their accounts. This will be helpful if you work remotely – an employee can mark the start and end time from any location and device (only a web browser is required).

HRnest offers you a more structured approach to recording employees’ working time. Our online system for monitoring employee hours includes schedules, absences, late arrivals, and automatically tallies overtime for each employee, facilitating accurate salary payments.

If in your company, employees take days off for overtime – HRnest will deduct the excess hours when the employee applies for overtime leave. Thanks to the online time and attendance system, you no longer have to worry about the subject of time control in your company.

At HRnest, there is a clear record of working time. Here overtime is clearly arranged, time recording is intuitive, and there is also the possibility to collect overtime – which is also a significant function for our company.

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Employee time records data

Authorized employees can create a clear work schedule for a department or the entire company, so you can ensure that every employee performs their tasks and meets their obligations on time.

You can also set up the system so that employees can record their working time in real time or have the option to complete the data before or after work. This way, your employees’ attendance lists will be constantly updated!

HRnest’s control system also prevents other people from registering working time for an employee, so you will be sure of the employee’s presence. Editing of working time will be possible only after authorization of the administrative account.

You no longer need to worry about correct time recording at the end of the month – the online time and attendance system will see to that for you.

Record employee work time with QR codes

Turn any Internet-enabled device into a convenient time recorder. Employees will easily register their working time with individual QR codes. This allows you to easily prepare not only the attendance list but also be sure of the correctness of the time of entry and exit, as well as the location of the work done.

HRnest’s timekeeping system helps the employer confirm the actual attendance of employees and is the easiest way to monitor working time in any company. The digital attendance list appears in the system as soon as there is an Internet connection.

The mobile app automatically records the employee’s entry and exit times. HRnest assigns the recorded hours to the employee’s account and automatically transfers them to the aggregate time records.

This mode also can automatically take a photo when an employee bounces in with a QR code.

Correctly settled working time

Digital time records in HRnest will automatically generate time and attendance reports for the month. Thanks to this, you will instantly settle the working time and overtime of all employees simultaneously.

In addition, you can export all the necessary data for your payroll programs, which makes it easier for accounting to keep an eye on vacations and calculate salaries for the entire company.

You no longer have to worry about any of your employees not being paid properly for time worked. HRnest keeps an eye on all HR processes, and you can focus on what’s essential – the development of your company.

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