Transfer leave data to the external HR-Payroll system

Integrations / SAP

What is the SAP program?

SAP is an accounting program that enables efficient management of cash flow within an enterprise.

It streamlines the flow of financial documentation and facilitates transactions in multiple currencies, as well as invoicing.

Benefits of integration

System integration with the program simplifies leave settlements. You can download all issued requests with one button, and then input them into the SAP system.

HRnest covers all types of requests, including: vacation leave, unpaid leave, sick leave. By transferring data, you can accurately settle your employees’ leaves.

Integration process

In HRnest, you will filter the requests that interest you. You can download the selected data using the “Export” button.

The export process varies depending on the browser, but in every form, it takes no more than a few clicks. Then, you just need to input the data into the HR-Payroll program according to the internal tool system.

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Integrations / SAP

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