Overtime Tracker: Monitoring work hours and organizing employee schedules

HRnest is an easy-to-use employee overtime system for keeping track of working hours and calculating overtime hours in your company.

Generate reports and mark paid overtime. Settle wages according to the number of hours worked.

Eliminate the monthly chore of laborious overtime calculations, wading through numerous pages of printed spreadsheets, and concentrate on what truly counts – growing your business. HRnest is what you need to track working hours of your employees.

Overtime tracker

How to deal with overtime?

Overtime tracking involves monitoring and recording the additional hours an employee works beyond their regular working hours. These hours are subject to overtime pay, and tracking them accurately is vital for both compliance with labor laws and fair compensation. Irregularities in monitoring presence and calculating overtime may be caused by an unclear system or just simple, human error.

Get rid of this problem and choose HRnest! Our system has 5 methods of worktime registration, which you can assign to a department or individual employees. The software will automate the recording of working hours, optimize the calculation of overtime, and minimize the possibility of errors in working time records.

With HRnest, there is a clear record of working hours. Overtime is clearly presented here, work time registration is intuitive, and there is also the possibility of taking overtime – which is also a very important function for our company.

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Time tracking app tailored to your company's needs

Labor law requires the employer to keep detailed records of working time and proper calculation of overtime. Overtime work can be taken in the form of days off or additional remuneration.


In the HRnest system you have 3 systems to choose from for calculating overtime working hours:

Adapt HRnest to the way your company operates – define overtime rate and overtime compensation. Say goodbye to paper-based overtime approval! With HRnest, all processes are now paperless. Ensure peace of mind for yourself and your employees about settling all overtime and do not expose yourself to conflicts in the team.

Days off for overtime

HRnest will let you know who worked beyond the norm. All overtime hours are properly marked – so you won’t miss them!

You also don’t have to worry about situations when an employee takes overtime, e.g., in the form of a day off. When an employee decides to take overtime by applying for leave for overtime – HRnest will automatically deduct the number of hours taken from the pool of all hours worked in that month.

Automatically transferred overtime

You don’t have to manually transfer overtime to the pool of hours for the next month. HRnest does it for you! By scheduling in HRnest, you can activate the function of automatic transfer of overtime hours for the next settlement period.

Get rid of unreadable Excel sheets and impractical scribbled notes. Every additional hour worked by your employee is recorded in the system and included in the report.

Overtime tracker for business trips

Manually settling overtime during a business trip can be a headache. With HRnest, the entire process is just a few clicks.

Thanks to the work time registration function available for each employee – you no longer have to make sure that the employee has given you all the information regarding the number of hours worked.

All you have to do is register your working hours during the delegation in HRnest – the appropriate amount of overtime will be added to the work time report automatically. All that’s left on your side is to pass on the report for settlement.

Additional HR account for Corporate Accounting at no extra cost

Simplify the accounting of work time in the company with an additional HR account. It will not be included in the pool of all employee accounts – so you won’t pay extra for it! HRnest makes managing your company easier in the accounting area as well.

The additional HR account will help you calculate employee compensation, including the number of overtime hours. You also don’t have to remember about the monthly sending of reports from HRnest to accounting – your accountant can find the necessary information himself and deal with the working time settlement in your company more quickly.

Make your own integrations

The system has the ability to create custom integrations. Thanks to clear API instructions, you will easily obtain the necessary information to connect HRnest with the internal system in the company. This way, you can automate adding, checking, or retrieving data, e.g., in the area of retrieving a list of leave requests according to the set criteria.

Overtime settlement in the application?

With HRnest it’s possible. The mobile version of HRnest has the same functionality as the computer version – you have access to all information about working time in your company from any device with internet access.

If your company size falls into the micro, small, or medium category, this solution is perfect for you!

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