System notifications & reminders

Manage all HR aspects of your company with ease using HRnest’s convenient system of automatic notifications. Never miss an important deadline again.

Expiration dates for contracts, medical examinations and health and safety training

Automate your work - in 3 steps

HRnest’s custom notifications are your personal assistant that will remind you to complete important tasks at the perfect time. It’s very simple:

  1. Define the type of event you want HRnest to notify you about.
  2. Add your own notification of a predefined type and assign it to an employee.
  3. Indicate when HRnest should remind you of a particular thing.

    And you’re done! As an option, you can supplement the notification with additional description or important information.

Keep everything in mind

Don’t let important dates related to your employees escape you. In HRnest you will create any type of notification. You can assign each of them to any employee and add additional details. The intuitive notification creator makes scheduling a job literally take a few moments.

You will receive a reminder both to your email inbox and in the form of information in the system.

I also get email notifications of vacation requests to be approved. What’s great is that I don’t have to look into the system all the time, I can access the most important information right away.

Kaja Rybicka-Gut

Kaja Rybicka-Gut

Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer, YourKaya

A reminder that won't go away

Have you ever accidentally missed an important calendar notification when you were in a hurry? At HRnest, we understand how that feels, and that’s why we have created a simple yet highly effective system to ensure you never miss important company notifications again.

To make a notification disappear from your profile, you need to click on the “I have read” button. Until you do so, the notification will remain visible in the system at all times.

Competence and authority

Stay up-to-date on the expiration dates of certificates and authorizations your employees hold. Set reminders and provide employees with the opportunity to stay current in their authorizations.

Motivate employees to develop their skills and build qualified teams of professionals with whom you will grow the company.


Don’t lose sight of the company’s equipment – HRnest will let you know when the date of return of the employee’s borrowed resources arrives. Improve communication with your employee by displaying a return reminder on their account as well.

Managing resources doesn’t have to be difficult!

Reminder of one to one calls

As your team grows, it can become challenging to remember when to provide constructive feedback to motivate them effectively.

However, with HRnest’s automatic notifications, you can easily track your periodic interviews with individual employees without having to manually note them down in your company calendar. Simply set up your customized notifications and assign them to specific employees. HRnest will send you timely reminders to conduct 1:1 interviews with your employees.

Onboarding without tripping

Preparing for onboarding is a complex task that often involves multiple steps that can be easily overlooked. To avoid any potential oversights, HRnest provides a user-friendly platform for planning each stage of the onboarding process and setting up notifications to ensure nothing is missed.

With HRnest, you can effectively organize your onboarding process and showcase your organization’s best practices to new employees.

Transparent process for employee severance

When an employee departs from a company, there are several tasks that the employer must complete. Offboarding is a crucial period, not just regarding formalities.

It is essential to schedule reminders for the employee to complete any pending tasks before leaving the team. Additionally, ensure that the remaining team members have the necessary knowledge and information to continue with any unfinished business.

HRnest can assist with some of the formalities. Remember to set a reminder for preparing an employment certificate for the departing employee and streamline the offboarding paperwork.

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