Introduce digital HR document workflow

Get rid of unnecessary paper documents, simplify business processes, and ensure better organization in the HR department. Introduce an online employee database and take care of data security in your company.

Ensure smooth document flow and direct communication between employees and the HR department regarding important employee matters.

Digital HR document workflow

Company paperwork - a daunting chore for all employers

The traditional document flow involves printing and storing a massive amount of paper-based requests by the HR department. This presents a significant hindrance to maintaining workflow efficiency within the company.

With HRnest’s digital document flow system, you can implement it in your company in just one day. All you need is a device with internet access.

Join hundreds of companies that have improved their HR processes, minimized the use of paper-based documents, and eliminated unnecessary work. Gain time and full control with HRnest.

Thanks to HRnest, we no longer have to worry about having information scattered in different places because now everything is easily accessible with just one click. It’s a simplification and a tremendous time saver, and it brings us internal peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of.

Kaja Rybicka-Gut

Kaja Rybicka-Gut

Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer, YourKaya

Employee documents in one place

As an employer, you know how important it is to maintain complete, accurate, and legally compliant employee documentation. Instead of storing stacks of papers and requests in company archives, you can keep most of the documents in the cloud.

The digital document workflow system provides you with greater flexibility in managing employee records and improves the transparency of information between the HR department and employees. Employees can access the Employee Panel in HRnest, which contains all essential information for them, such as:

Do you have remote employees working from different cities? With the digital version of the employee record, you can quickly create, send, and even approve vacation requests with just a few clicks.

Keep track of the necessary documents for the employee

Hiring a new employee also involves a significant amount of documents they need to familiarize themselves with. Paper documents like “remote work policies” can be scanned or added to the system using a photo. The new employee can read them in digital form and confirm their acknowledgment by clicking the “mark as read” button.

HRnest also provides automatic notifications, so you won’t miss important deadlines related to contract expirations, expiration of periodic medical examinations, or health and safety training. HRnest will remind you of each such date well in advance.

You can also set up custom notifications for any documents. With HRnest, you don’t need to worry about managing your company’s documentation – HRnest takes care of it for you!

Digital document workflow system

Improve work in the HR and personnel departments. Gain the ability to create digital vacation requests, attendance lists, and other essential documents using HRnest. With HRnest, you can share all necessary documents related to occupational health and safety, employee regulations, company statutes, and more with all employees.

HRnest’s mobile version also provides full functionality for managing employee records. This allows you to handle employee documentation from anywhere, using any device. It also makes it easy to add photos and scanned documents to the system.

If a particular request submitted by an employee requires a paper-based version, HRnest will notify you during the request submission process!

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All employees also have access to their records from their mobile devices. After logging into the system, they can plan their leave, submit employee requests, and receive decisions regarding their submitted inquiries.

Security of your employees' data

HRnest ensures the security of your employees’ data by implementing solutions that meet the highest data security standards. When you input data into the system, rest assured that it is well-protected.

The HRnest system is built on the renowned Microsoft Azure platform, ensuring smooth and stable performance for all users, regardless of the company’s size.

Additionally, your data is automatically backed up daily, eliminating the risk of losing access to essential company documents. With HRnest, you can confidently manage your HR processes knowing that your data is safe and secure.

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