Actively manage your company's resources and the competencies of your employees

In HRnest, you can create reports of tools, computer equipment, or access to computer applications assigned to individual employees. You can also gather all their skills and certificates in one place. This will enable you to make more informed decisions and optimize workload distribution within the team.

Company resources and employee competencies

Say goodbye to Excel and embrace clarity

In HRnest, you can add any resources and maintain a comprehensive (and transparent) register of company equipment. Each resource can be labelled with a unique identifier and additional attachments, such as equipment transfer protocols, can be added.

With the resource management system in HRnest, you can access the most important information about specific company equipment with just one click:

Say goodbye to endless scrolling through Excel spreadsheets to find the right equipment and access its information.

In the Personal File module, we also utilize the Resources tab. There, we register the work tools assigned to employees, such as company cars, laptops, phones, and more.

Daria Pawlikowska

Finance Director, Polteknik

Access for everyone in the company

HRnest allows you to share information with employees about the equipment they have used – they can check the resources assigned to their account at any time, on any device.

This way, they don’t have to remember the return date of the borrowed equipment. You can also set up automatic reminders for the return date of the used tools.

Custom competencies - designed for your company's uniqueness

HRnest also allows you to gather all the skills and qualifications of your team in a clear registry. In our tool, you can create a flexible list of skills and qualifications needed to drive your company forward.

With the filtering function, you can check:

Certifications and authorizations

Thanks to constant supervision, you will be able to plan future training sessions that will enhance the competencies of your employees.

Ensure that the certifications and authorizations already held by your employees are still up-to-date. Set up automatic email notifications for approaching expiration dates.

Focus on growth with reliable data

Thanks to the ability to record competencies in HRnest, you can easily analyse the distribution of skills among all your employees. By using the export function to create detailed Excel reports, you can plan your team’s development strategy based on specific data.

Convenient access to employees’ skills leads to a deeper understanding of their motivations. This enables managers to build better relationships with individual employees, encouraging them to develop their strengths.

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