Ditch Excel templates and try employee leave tracker

Stacks of leave requests and binders not quite holding together. Problems monitoring leave records and constant changes in leave plans. Unnecessary time spent on tedious HR tasks.

The time you’ll never get back.

Employee leave tracking is a simple improvement that can be implemented in one day.

Leave tracker

Leave management system that eliminates the need for spreadsheets

Leave tracking software is the best way to keep it simple when managing absences in the company. Requesting and approving PTO becomes trivially simple.

You can focus on truly important tasks that don’t unnecessarily consume your time and energy:

Everything happens automatically. A request comes in, the supervisor gets an email notification, accepts it, and the system forwards the information to HR. The situation is clear and everyone involved in the process at each stage has access to information.

Paweł Oskroba AIR-COM

Paweł Oskroba

CEO, Air-Com

Easy-to-use employee leave software

An employee can issue a request from their employee profile with a few clicks. HRnest has ready-to-use multiple leave types, including annual leave, maternity leave, compassionate leave, sick leave, or unpaid leave. The system also has work-related types of requests, e.g. a request for remote work.

After logging into your HRnest account:

  1. Choose the type of leave request
  2. Indicate the date of absence
  3. Submit the request for approval

And done! Rely on total automation and issue absence request in 3 steps!

One leave tracker, no more employee issue backlogs

Now HRnest will forward the request to the person responsible for its approval. The person handling leave requests will receive a notification about each change in the leave status.

What’s more, if the required documents need to be printed to obtain approval from the HR department, the system will notify you. When the request has been considered, the employee will also receive an email notification.

If an employee’s plans change after submitting a vacation request, they can inform about it by canceling their vacation request in HRnest. The canceled request is not included in the vacation limits and will be automatically removed from the leave calendar.

Create a simple annual leave calendar

Aren’t you tired of Excel spreadsheets? Use an online leave calendar and simplify your work planning.

The ability to submit leave requests online is a benefit for employees, HR, but also managers. Employee holiday plans will not only take into account the needs of employees but also allow your company to work smoothly.

With the leave request appearing in the system in a flash, the whole team is kept up to date. Unexpected leave will be immediately included in the calendar and automatically deducted from the employee’s absence balance. 

You can integrate HRnest with Outlook and Google Calendars. 

Employee leave tracker - new leave request

Create your own leave policy

In HRnest, you have over 180 different leave types to choose from (and can also create your own), which you can freely modify to suit the needs of your organization.

You can also choose the type of leave limit for such requests. Decide whether it will be set per employee or assigned globally – for every employee in your company.

You can also disable the limit completely – and provide employees with unlimited access to selected types of absences.

HRnest is also an easy way to forward leave requests right to the person who will have the ability to be responsible for approving them. Define your own workflow path and determine who should have access to your employees’ leave history.

Additional HR account - easier accounting with no extra charges

HRnest means simpler work for company accounting as well. By creating an additional HR account, you can give your accountant access to the history of time-off.

You can easily download or transfer data from our system so that the Accounting Department, without any additional fees, can access leave records, individual days off or working hours.

Integrations with the most popular accounting programs will help in settling even a large number of leave requests.

Leave tracker available on any device

No access to a computer? No problem.

Leave requests can be issued from any device. Our leave software will improve the submission and approval of requests, control of leave plans, workflow, and HR processes.

Any employee in your company can log into their HRnest account from a computer, smartphone, or tablet and instantly report their absence for the selected period.

You don’t even need to download the leave tracker on any device. Simply access it through your internet browser.

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