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1 000 000 issued electronic holiday requests!

Yes, you see it right! HRnest users have already issued a million holiday requests. We are celebrating! 🙂

Electronic requests save hours of effort, space on desks and in filing cabinets. Tons of paper saved, thus saved trees.

One million requests is an opportunity for us not only to limit the decline of forests, but also to contribute to it’s growth.

That’s why we have started cooperation with ‘Las Na Zawsze’ (‘Forest Forever’) foundation. From now on for each new client of HRnest we will plant 10 m^2 of forest.

Each new customer is 10 square meters of planted forest.

‘Las Na Zawsze’ is a foundation with simple but powerful goal of planting forests that are to grow forever. They focus on creating biodiverse ecosystems that are managed by nature, not humans. They protect them in several ways: formally, financially and socially.

Forests are the easiest way to prevent climate change. They keep water, create friendly microclimate and constitute a refuge for animals and plants.

Forest planting with the "Las Na Zawsze" foundation

Forests are indispensable to us and we are glad that together with the foundation we will create them for future generations.

We believe that a million requests are just the beginning of our journey and soon we will be celebrating next key milestones of HRnest’s usage and many square meters of planted forests.

Together with the foundation, we will also conduct educational campaigns among our clients and employees. We will talk about the differences between natural and managed forests, about the influence of forests on the climate and humans. Stay tuned and thanks for being with us!

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