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Updates – Export to Excel and CSV for Document Familiarization, Export to CSV for all types of requests, and adding workplace to bulk time registration of time tracking

Regularnie wprowadzamy nowe usprawnienia - od dziś można między innymi zbiorczo zatwierdzać elektroniczne polecenia wyjazdu służbowego.

Export the file related to Document Familiarization by employees 

From now on, from the HR account, you can export a report with information about when employees opened and reviewed documents assigned to them. 

We received feedback from our Clients that the Personnel Records module lacked the option to download a detailed report. This feature is now available in the system! You can now download a ready-made file in two formats: Excel and CSV. 

The downloaded file includes information about when a document was opened and read by individual employees. 

In this section, we have also added the option to filter the time frame in which the requests were submitted. This will allow you to quickly access the data that interests you. 

Export all types of requests available in your company to CSV 

From now on, you can also export data for all types of absence requests available for your company in CSV format (not just the most commonly used ones). 

To achieve this, you should go to the Leave module, then click on the “Export to K-P” tab, and choose the CSV file format. In the filters, there is an Type of leave option that allows you to search for each active type of leave request. 

Add workplaces during bulk time registration 

So far, during bulk time registration of work time, you could only record overdue working hours. Now, with a single click, you can also include workplace information. 

This feature is very useful for companies where employees work remotely or in a hybrid mode. Could it also be helpful for your company? 🙂 

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