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Updates – Working time registration for projects using QR code scanners

Further changes in the HRnest system:

Working time registration for Projects using QR Code Scanners  

From now on, using a QR Code Scanner, you can register time also for Projects. This is, however, an additional option, which does not have to be activated. In such a case, the system will function as usual. 😊

The scanner can be any mobile device. Just download the free HRnest QR Terminal app on it. The prepared device should be set up at a specific workplace.  

Then each employee receives a QR code assigned to them in the HRnest system. It can be scanned directly from the system or printed and handed to the employees. Scanning the code will start the working time registration for the given Project. This saves time for employees, but also facilitates monitoring and data collection. 

To record time for projects using a QR Code Scanner, you must connect the reader to the relevant Project. This can be done from the HR: Configuration -> Work time configuration -> QR code scanners

The QR Scanner for Projects can record working time for both people linked and not linked to the project. For people not linked to a given project, when this link is not required, only working time will be registered. In other cases, the Project assigned to the device will also be recorded. 

To complete a Project, you must remove the QR scanner’s connection from the work time registration for the Project

Note! Remember that only one reader can be assigned to each project. The project is assigned from the device on which the employee registers the “Stop” of work. 

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